Recipe for Cheesecake


Recipe for Cheesecake: First availible at A-kon 2000, This portfolio contains sexy pinups of various anime and videogame girls, and some of the worst pun titles ever to grace paper. Fifteen pages of black and white artwork features characters from Street Fighter, Dead or Alive, Ranma 1/2 and more! Samples below.

Lillith and Morrigan from Darkstalkers! popsicle. . MegaMan Legend's Tron Bonne, the coolest robot girl EVER! Nabiki Tendo, who seems to have left something behind, somewhere. LeiFang from Dead or Alive, in her original, cute hairstyle. Sakura and Karin from Street Fighter Alpha series.  Rivals sharing a towel!
My own personal rendition of Lovely Angel Kei, from Dirty Pair! Original character!  Amy, my beautiful, boyish little muse! Makoto from Street Figther III 3rd strike! Ukyou Kuonji and Akane Tendou.  Ranma's fiancees pose together for a swimsuit pic! Aeka from 'Tenchi Muyo!' protests Ryoko's lack of modesty.
Afura Mann, air priestess of El Hazard, sails through the air in a graceful dive. Reiko Nagase (Ridge Racer) was the ultimate race queen.  All spurn the false goddess Ai Fukami!!! Alielle from El Hazard works at convincing Nanami that swimsuits are too restrictive.  #^^# Setsuna and Karin from Eretzvaju(Evil Zone in the US) share a touching moment. One Sizer Fits All.  Easily the worst pun in the collection.(Violinist of Hamlin)

Recipe for Cheesecake is 12$ US, plus shipping.