Sea Of Stars

Behold Nash of the badass.

Sea Of Stars: The first in what will inevitably be a line of ports. Suikoden II remains one of my favorite RPG's of all time, and one of the richest game worlds I've ever seen. This love of the series is what prompted me to honor the creators with my humble art skills. SoS is a 11 page (plus covers) black and white portfolio. Samples below.

Although most on this side of the Pacific only know Nash from his part in Suikoden III, he was actually the main character of a pair of texted based adventure games that came out in japan.  This image was inspired by those games. Nanami HUG!  Nanami's pounce was one of the early defining moments for me in Suiko II.  ;p Leknaat the seer, the ever prevalent mastermind of the Suiko world. The dancers Karin and Mina, student and teacher, sharing a suggestive routine. the main character from Suikoden 1.  Aaaah, the memories.  ;p
Wakaba!  Kung Fu Tomboys RULE!!!! The ever-beautiful Sierra, mistress of the night. Clive and Elza.  Duel at 10 paces.  One of the most poignant subplots in the Suiko series. The strategiests.  An image of Mathiu Silverburg gramed by the faces of his two protege's. Flik, the blue lightning!  Another beautifully tragic character with a lot of depth.
'Keeping a promise'

Sea of Stars is 10$ US, plus shipping.