You know that girl who is in every second anime?

You know, the one that's totally out of her league. Clumsy, incompetent, submissive, but Trying Her Best because she Loves That Guy and Wants Him To Pay Attention To Her. That girl who is so charming and endearing in her misogynistically sexist, insulting, irritating stereotypical way.

You know why we knew we'd love Elfen Lied in the first five minutes? It's because that character showed up, and we immediately started groaning and going "This is going to be a major character, isn't it? She's going to be bumbling around as theoretical comic relief for the next thirteen episodes. She's going to-"


"Wait, some girl just ripped her head off."

"And then used her body as a completely unnecessary bullet shield."


Also there was the fact that Elfen Lied is a great series even when it's not viciously parodying harem comedies.

So here's pictures of it. No titties on display, alas. Suck it up.

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