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Secondary Characters

Brain Zar Deline

The chief of the court magicians in Finistere Kingdom and Alty's teacher, he is an expert in history and studied the Lost Legacy magics extensively, and has written many books on both subjects. A powerful magician, he is very patient and kind and enjoys nature. He appears to Al in a copy of Al's own form to battle him and test his resolve and skill.

Himika Tenpouin

Another sorcerer of Tenpouin clan, she is one year older than Keiya and thinks of him like a little brother. She enjoys Chinese poetry and the tea Keiya brews, and despises people without inner strength. She was sent to destroy the cursed sword Shahal, but was surprised to find it in the possession of Linedwell Rainrix, who defeated her and drained all her spiritual energy, sending her into a comatose state.

Ihadulca Il Imella

The host whom the spirit of Lea is inhabiting in I-Praseru, and has been for several years. Before that, Ihadulca Il Imella was a court magician in The Divine Land, Evna Abraku, one of the nations of I-Praseru. Her hobby was the study of pre-history, and interestingly, it appears she had some sort of relationship with Brain Zar Deline, the details of which are unknown. How much of her self still exists now that her body has been used as a host is unknown as well, but she is not completely gone.


A ghost-like entity that exists within Setsuna, lending her power to help Setsuna battle evil. In fact, she is a "fragment", all that remains of one of Lea's slain incarnations. Unlike the other incarnations of Ihadulca we know of, Karin is very kind and gentle. Despite this, she will fight ferociously to protect Setsuna. She enjoys chocolate parfaits!


One of Sho/Danzaiver's partners, who commands attack reinforcements on Seingreed. Personally she is almost the opposite of her twin sister Yuri: she's outgoing, likes spicy foods and sports, and can't cook. She is worried about her twin being kidnapped, but is also concerned with Sho's safety, especially as he draws closer to the overwhelming power of Ihadulca. She is likely to respond to any indication of Sho being interested in another girl - including her sister - with violence committed on his person.

Sayaka Gregman

The young wife of Gally, also from planet Aradia. While very kind and sweet on the surface, she nonetheless manages to impose her will on her husband without too much difficulty. Her current project is to get him to stop drinking, which she is running into unexpected resistance on as Gally sneaks to bars behind her back. She loves dogs, and owns a two-year old female Yorkshire terrier named Kiri.


Another name for Satan, or Lucifer, or the Morning Star, the devil condemned to hell by God. He has put his will and spirit in the sword of the same name and led it into the hands of a suitable dupe as part of some scheme. Both Ihadulca and Kakurine clearly recognise him, though the nature of their past connection is unknown. It is said he loves knowledge and hates ignorance, and his twin is Venus, the Evening Star. At the end of Linedwell's storyline, he seems to incarnate in the body of a young boy...

Sougetsu Himeno

Midori's father and the current head of the Fuin school of martial arts. As a strict disciplinarian, he has his hands full with his talented but utterly undisciplined heir. His own original fighting technique is called "Togetsu".


Sho/Danzaiver's other partner, in charge of search operations on Seingreed. She is very shy, but has a crush on Sho. She likes all sorts of sweet foods, but can't stand spicy ones. When Ihadulca was first confined, Yuri was kidnapped by an unscrupulous sorcerer and used as a medium to stabilise the containment field of the Evil Zone.