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This isn't the only Evil Zone page on the web! Check out these other EZ-related links!

The best Japanese shrine to Eretzvaju I know of, and still being updated, too! Look around for some nice fanart and other information; he even has an English-language version of his site!

Yuke's Home Page
The home on the web for YUKE's Future Media Creators, who made Eretzvaju, and might have made a sequel had they not strayed into the probably more lucrative but far less awesome world of the Smackdown series and fricking Rumble Roses. But can't hold it against them, one game is better than no game!

Evil Zone
Another Evil Zone shrine with some pictures, biographical information taken from the game, and some of the music! Used to have a forum too, but it's apparently closed now. Watch out, though, it's on Angelfire.

Relationship Chart
A nifty graphical translation of the relationship chart from the original Japanese Eretzvaju instruction booklet.

Kiss In The Dark Translation
Has the romanji and translated English lyrics for Kiss In The Dark, the original EZ opening theme.

Rinkya is a company that serves as a go-between for foreign buyers and Yahoo Auctions in Japan. Their prices aren't terribly cheap, but there is tons of weird and wonderful stuff on Japanese auctions that you will likely never find on ebay. If you are looking for any Eretzvaju-related merchandise and don't live in Japan, this is by far the best place you could look.

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