"Guardain Angel Setsuna"

Karin can be seen in the shadows, sleeping in the dark.

"Unto the one who illuminates my passage
and destroys the evil, in the name of Setsuna.
I vow my unfailing love.
For I want your power and soul,
take my body for the sake of your name."

Act 00: "From the start..."

It was dark, as the moon shines over the school roof. A shadow can be seen jumping from rooftop to rooftop, as a school girl's shoes can also be seen chasing after it. "Hold it right here!" she said, as she stops infront of the shadow. [Hello, my name is Setsuna]. The shadow turns into a human form and dashes at Setsuna, taking a few shots at her, as Setsuna uses her sword, the Klau Solas, to block it off. [I am 21 years old, attending Miksmuro College.] "Ah!" The shadow got a hit on Setsuna, as she moves away from the shadow, holding her head. The shadow then fires off those line thingys they always do at Setsuna. [There is another girl co-existing in me.] Just then, Karen appears infront of Setunsa with her arms out, blocking each shot with a special spell around Setsuna. [Her name is Karen.] Karen turns around to Setsuna, "Are you alright, Setsuna?" she said, smiling. Setsuna looks up to Karen, "Yes...thank you, Karen!" Setsuna replyed as she smilied back at her. She lets Karen back inside of her, as she summons Nesamel, Rlnk, and Nifes around her, putting Klau Solas infront of her. "Please, everybody!" Setsuna shouted, as they flied at the Shadow, confusing it as they fly around it. "Haaa!!!" Setsuna quickly dashed at the shadow, stabbing right at the center of the body. [Together, we face the evil that is Vice.] The shadow disappears infront of Setsuna. Setunsa stands up, "You can't win!" She pulls Klau Solas to her side, as it disappears. "...Vice..."

It was the next day, as the bright sun shines. "I'm going to be late!" Setsuna was running to her prep school, with a piece of bread she was eating. "I'm sorry, Setsuna...because of me, you'll end up becoming late..." Kearn replyed to her, looking sad, as Setsuna grabed her bread from her teeth. "No! It's ok, Karen! It's ok!" Setsuna said, as she smiles at Karin, "It's mostly my fault for not setting up my alarm, anyways!" She turns the corner, as she suddenly remembers something. [Oh! That's right!] "Huh? Where are you going?! The school is the other way around!" Karen was worried. "I just remembered I had to meet someone today." Setsuna replyed, seeing the Dojo infront of her. [I forgot to tell you about my best friend, Modori.] Setsuna was smiling, as Modori was seen in her kanate uniform, doing different martial art techniques. [She's a great fighter. I love to watch her train everyday. Soon, Modori starts to change up her right arm. [She even teaches me a few moves! But...] "HAAAAA!!" Modori fires off her attack, the Fuin Gensui. [There are a few moves I can never learn from her.] Modori slowly stands back up straight, as Setsuna claps at Modori. "Good job!" Setsuna smiled, as Kairn started to get really worried. "Ah! Hey, Yuki!" Modori said, as she runs over to her at the window. "Is that the move your going to show at the Keisho Ritual?" Setsuna asked Modori. "Heh, Yeah! It's going to be the 28th Fuin Technique at the ritual, which will make me go down in history!" Modori was very happy about this. "Wow...I hope you don't mess up and fall!" Setsuna giggled alittle. "Very funny, Yuki," Modori replyed, hitting Setsuna softly on the head, as they heard a koucking at the dojo door. "Are you talking to that girl again?!" Modori's dad, Sougetsu, can be heard infront of the door, making Modori and Setsuna jump. "I better go now!" Setsuna said, as she ducks down and dashes to the school, as Modori waves bye. "See you later, Yuki!" Then, the dad opens the door, turning to Modori, as she quickly turns around. "It WAS that girl, wasn't it?! You are going to marry a nice young man, you hear me?! Not that school girl!" Modori gets a sweatdrop. "Calm down, dad! Yuki is only my friend! How can you ever think that?!" She walks away from her dad, as Sougetsu jumps at her. "Oh, don't you think I don't know what Yuki means! You can't fool me!" "That's YURI, father!" Modori sighed.

DING Ding DING ding
ding Ding DING Ding

The school bell rings, as the students all start to leave the school, with Setsuna in that group. She sighed, holding her test paper. "I never thought I'll fail a test..." Setunsa said, as Karen trys to confort her. "We did had a long battle last night, so don't let it get you down..." "It's still that I saved the school and got a F for it..." Setsuna replyed. "...well..." Suddenly, Setsuna and Karen senses something, as she looks up at the rooftop. "Do you feel that, Setsuna?" Karen asked Setsuna, as Setsuna nods. "Yes...but...it's different this time..." Setsuna looks at Karen, "Let's go. We're never know if we stay here." Karen nodded, as they turned back to the school, running up the stairs. "It's Vice...I know it!" Setsuna puts her hand out, as Klau Solas appears in her hand, as she got ot the rooftop. "Show yourself, Vice!" Setsuna holds her sword with both hands, as she walks to the center of the rooftop. "....S-Setsuna..." Karen appeared next to Setsuna, "I...I'm not sure we're ready yet..." "What?" Setsuna looked at Karin. "I don't know...but I don't have a very good feeling about this..." Karin replyed. "hahahaha...." Vice was heard in the background, "She's right. You can't beat me, Setuna. Not at this time, at least." "Hmph!" Setsuna went to her battle stance, "You can't scare me, Vice! I will put an end to your evil doing!" "Heh..." Vice slowly started to darken everything around me. "Huh?" Setsuna looked around herself, as suddenly her sword started to move, "What?!" "The Sword of Flame and Light, Klau Solas..." Vice said, "There is another sword like this." "Another?!" Setsuna replyed, as the sword slipped out of Setsuna's hand, "No!" "Now...I'm tired of you, Setsuna. It's been fun, but all things must become to an end..." The sword was pointed at Setsuna, as Setuna's body started to move on it's own, as her arms and legs moves ot her sides, as if it's been chained. The sword targeted Setsuna's heart, as it flys at her. "NOO!" Setuns turned away, as Karin appears infront of her. "I'll protect you, Setsuna!" Karin puts up her barrier, but the sword breaks the barrier as Karin's eye's widen, turning to Setsuna. "SETSUNA!!!" But the sword stopped right before it stabbed Setsuna, as Setsuna's eyes started to change. "What?!" Vice was shocked, as he makes the shadows try to cover Setsuna with the shadows around her. "...T-That's it!" Karin said, as she covers Setsuna, "I can protect her...I can protect her!!" Karin starts to glow, as a white light covers the whole area around them. "What are you..." Vice disappeared before he was covered by the light.

"Hmm?" Modori was in her workout, as she looks out the window, as the white light gets close to her. "What the...?" Then, suddenly the light comes right at her, covering her. "What?!" Soon, she disappeared. "What's going on here?!" Sougetsu, the dad, said as she runs in, seeing Modori missing, "..."

"...So, you choosed to go there..." Vice said, as he walks up to the Klau Solas, but it was only a illiusion sword. Setsuna and Karin we nowhere to be found. "To I-Praseru..."