"Guardain Angel Setsuna"

Setsuna has her eyes closed, with a serious look on her face. [Setsuna...you are the only one that can save the people...from Vice...] Setsuna opens her eyes, as she appears standing on a elevator as it moves up, looking at the city from the window. [Or else, your home will...] She shakes her head, looking to the side. "I can't...Vice is much stronger then I'll ever be...how can I save them?" Karin appears infront of Setsuna, as she holds a sword infront of Setsuna. "?" Setsuna looks at Karin, then the sword. "The sword..." Karin said, as Setsuna slowly reaches for the sword. [The sword will stop Vice...] "..." Setsuna slowly got to the top of the elevator, as the light covers the whole elevator.

Act 01: "Setsuna and Karin"

"!" Setsuna wakes up, as she sits up quickly. "...a dream?" Setsuna said, as she looks at her hand. [What's with anime and dreams...?] Setsuna looked around, as she finds out she's in an hotel. [Where am I?] "! Vice!" She said, as she quickly remembers her battle with Vice. [That's right...Karin and I was fighting Vice, as Karin made this beam of light appear. But what did she do?] Setsuna looks at her sword. [My dream...] "!" Setsuna looked around her, as she also looks under her uniform, "Karin, are you there?!" Karin appears infront of Setsuna. "I'm right here, Setsuna..." she replyed, "How are you, Setsuna?" "Oh, thank god..." Setsuna said, feeling better, as she looks back to Karin, "Karin, where are we?" Karin looked around the room, turning back to Setsuna. "I'm not sure...but...I suddenlly have a strange feeling..." "What do you mean, Karin?" Setsuna held her sword next to her, "Wait, didn't you send us here? How do you not know where we're are?!" Karin shook her head. "No...I didn't..." She replyed, "The sword teleported us here..." "I...I see," Setsuna said.

A floating island can been seen just above the land, as a women with a staff watches Setsuna and Karin from afar, looking mainly at Karin as they talked. "There she is...she has finally came back to me," She said as a men in the shadows can be seen, smiling, "I can finally put you to work...go after her. I want you to bring her here, alive..." "Very well, Mistress...hehehehehe..." He said, as she jumped up and disappeared. "Karin..." The women said, as she turned back to watching them, "You will soon be mines again..."

"So...the sword can help us get back?" Setsuna said, holding up her sword, "The sword must had sense danger, and moved us somewhere else." "But...I don't think that was the only reason..." said Karin. "What do you mean?" Setsuna asked. "I...I think there was something else here that the sword anted us to do.," Karin replyed, as she looked at the sword, "Can you feel it, Setsuna?" "..." Setsuna closed her eyes, "...Yes...I do. There is...another person we must meet." "Setsuna, maybe it's something about Vice?!" "Maybe...he did say something about another sword...", Setsuna said, as she stood up from bed, "...we cannot stop...until we find out just what we're here for." Suddenly, the door opened, as Setsuna turned to the door quickly, pointing her sword in the same direction. "S-So, it IS you!" The person in the doorway said, in shock. "...Huh?" Setsuna slowly went out of her stance, as the person slowly backed away. "I thought that aura was famaliar...now I know!" the person said, as he shook us head and moved his right arm over his mouth, "Lock on!" "H-Huh?!" Setsuna said, confused, as Karin looked up. "! Setsuna!" Karin shouted, pointing up. "Above you!" "What?" Setsuna asked, as she looked up, caughted off guard as a beam blast comes down at her, as it nearly misses as Setsuna jumps out of the way in the last second, destorying the hotel as it hits. "Ahh!" Setsuna screamed as the out come of the blast hits her, landing her on a rooftop of a office building, as Setsuna slowly gets up with the help of her sword, coughing as the hotel bulding caught on fire. Dark smoke was coming out of it, as the person who was that the doorway jump out infront of Setsuna. "W...What is doing on...?" Setsuna asked, as she coughed some more. "I'm sorry, Setsuna..." Karin said, as she reappeared next to Setsuna, "The shield wasn't powerful enough to protect you from the beam." "T...That's alright, Karin..." Setsuna covered her mouth, looking at the man. "W-Who are you?!" "Hmph!" He said, as he shows something on his left arm, as she shouted, "Zerocahu!" A flash of light covered him from head to toe, as his eyes started to glow yellow. "I am the Ulimate Hero..." he said, as the light fazes away, as he appears in a robotic-like red outfit, holding a sword made out of light, "DANZAIVER!!!" "Huh?!?" Setsuna and Karin became really confused.