From the anime Sailor Moon,
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From outward appearance and demeanour, PallaPalla would seem to be the youngest of the Amazoness Quartet. Her whining, frequent tears, and childish likes and dislikes sometimes even cause her fellows to call her immature. However, they have also had occasion to be scared, or at least nervous, of PallaPalla: her childishness also carries with it a childish maliciousness and cruelty. PallaPalla occasionally displays this darker streak, treating a person in her power with the same viciousness another child might rip the wings off a fly, and with as much care as that child would show towards the fly. It's not fair to say that's always the case - generally, PallaPalla is merely the most immature, undisciplined and lazy of an immature, undisciplined and lazy group. She will pursue whatever interests her at the moment with great enthusiasm, but handles any sort of difficulty badly, often throwing a temper tantrum and (metaphorically or literally) taking her ball and going home.

While VesVes might have the most raw power, PallaPalla's command of magical effects puts her fellows to shame. She can animate dolls and other inanimate objects, as well as use them to create life-size simulacra ranging from realistic people to full-scale buildings. She can also create dolls with the likenesses of anyone she wants. One of her favoured tactics is to link those dolls to the originals, turning the victims into her puppets as she manipulates the doll... or destroys it. Her role in the circus is as a ball-rider, and she often stands on a large ball and either rolling it around or causing it to fly. She may also grow it to a huge size and use it as a weapon, attempting to roll it over opponents. Finally, like all the Amazoness Quartet, she can knock out people's Dream Mirrors with her Amazon Stone. She is especially good at this, and can easily hit many targets at virtually the same time.