You know the story of the typical self-insert?

This is not that story.

A Self-Insert Fanfic By Blade and Epsilon
  1. High on Emotion
    1. With You
    2. Numb
    3. Foreword
    4. Lying From You
    5. Session
    6. Breaking The Habit
    7. Carousel
    8. Pushing Me Away
    9. Hit The Floor
    10. One Step Closer; April 1st Version
  1. Spark To A Flame
    1. Papercut
    2. High Voltage
    3. Points of Authority
    4. Don't Stay
    5. Easier To Run
    6. Step Up
    7. Somewhere I Belong
    8. A Place For My Head
    9. And One
    10. Runaway
  1. Into The Light
    1. Opening
    2. Forgotten
    3. From The Inside
    4. Nobody's Listening
    5. Part Of Me
    6. By Myself
    7. Meteora
    8. Reanimation: Part A - Part B
    9. Faint: Part A - Part B
    10. In The End

For those of you lost and confused and unable to figure out who any of the characters in Hybrid Theory are... why are you reading it? Besides, the characters are being introduced as if you don't know them anyway, and if you're confused still, either you suck or we do. But if you want to find out a little bit more about them, and see wonderful wonderful pictures worth a thousand words (or about 1/25... uh, make that 1/40 of the average Hybrid Theory chapter), go check out the Hybrid Theory Character Guide!

Note: this guide contains spoilers for later chapters of Hybrid Theory, chiefly in the form of telling you who's going to be appearing. Be sure you've read all of the released chapters before going there. Or don't. But you will have to live with yourself afterwards.