Blade's Tiny Little Image Gallery to the Uber-Cool Ifurita Jinnistacia

Well, no shrine (at least, no shrine of mine) is complete without an image gallery, so without further ado, let me present what pictures I've managed to garner! I didn't draw 'em and I don't own them, so display as you like, tho I'd appreciate if you'd tell me where. Wai wai, spread the Word of Jinnistacia-sama!

The Dynamically
Destructive Duo.

Nyah, nyah,
can't catch me!

Gaze upon her.
Is she not cool?

Your ass is
grass, oba-san!

Hm. Quick and easy
or long and painful?

Running away

"Has anybody seen
my nose?"

Oh yeah, baby. THIS
is a Demon God.

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