Ooh!  Ooh!  Isn't she EVIIIIIIIIL? Well, when Pioneer released the Ani-Mayhem game, for some reason the El Hazard card set did not include a Kalia card. This probably had something to do with the fact that OAV2 hadn't been released at the time, but I accept no such feeble excuses.

However, since Pioneer refuses to answer my mails on the subject (it's a conspiracy, I tell you!), I have been forced to correct their lamentable oversight. So, here, for the enjoyment of the at least half a dozen or so people who still play or care about Ani-Mayhem, is the long-awaited (by somebody, I'm sure) Kalia Ani-Mayhem card!

(pause for applause)

Thank you. It is probably not surprising to anyone that I made her a Major Disaster...I mean, if ANYBODY ever deserved to be... Her high movement score is due to her flight; as for her considerable combat ability...well, if you need that explained, you haven't been paying attention. On the exceedingly off-chance somebody wants to play with the card but is playing solitaire, flipping a coin would probably substitute for jan-ken-pon. ;p

Alright, nothing more to see here. Back to the Shrine with you.