Kalia...fanfiction? Ha! You've GOT to be kidding. Lemme tell you something, I've searched the entire web, and the closest Kalia ever gets to a spot in fanfic is being referenced, like so:

Ifurita: Wait...you say Kalia was revived?
Makoto: Yeah, but we put her permanently back to sleep.
Ifurita: Oh...good. (pause) Now make me your sex toy, Makoto-chan!

And so forth. Some small-minded people might point out the insignificant detail that Kalia happens, at the moment, to be dead, but I say: "BAH!" Like so:

Blade: BAH!

After all, that never stopped anybody in Dragonball, now did it? Some real pedants may point out death seems more permanent in El Hazard. These people will be the first up against the wall when the revolution comes.

So, how about it? Have you written Kalia into a fic and then improbably hidden it well enough Blade, write that fanfic with me in it, NOW!!!! that I can't find it? Send a link, please! Give this poor, sorely used page a purpose in life! Or, more likely, if you're planning on writing a fic that includes Kalia in some role other than being off-handedly mentioned, e-mail me about it! I want to hear from you! I really, really do! Mostly 'cause dear, sweet Kalia-chan's kinda pissed off, as you can see, and she's taking it out on me, as you can see over on the links page. In fact, I want so much to hear from you that if you are writing a fanfic with Kalia in a considerable role, I'll even preread for you free of charge! Of course, I'm something of a brutally honest prereader, so it's up to you whether to take me up on that one. In any case, get me any finished fics or chapters, and I'll link to or even host them here, if you like.


Well, that's about it, then, isn't it? Back to the Shrine.