As the obvious complement to the first-ever Kalia shrine (at least, obvious to anybody who knows Blade), I present the first ever Kalia image gallery(ies)!

(pause for applause)

I thought you'd be impressed. The screencaps were taken from the El Hazard box set DVDs; I don't mind anybody else using them, but I would appreciate it if anybody taking the pix for use elsewhere would notify me and give me the URL of the site. The Net will be saved by courtesy, says Blade! And steam, of course. Why is Blade talking in the third person all of a sudden? Who cares? You came for the pictures, so go look at them!

Kalia Piccies!

Yes, I did join the pan.
Pheer my mad Photoshop SKILLZ!
On the subject of the EH box set,
what was with Kalia getting no lines?
Even Galus got lines!  Even QAWOOR got
to say something!  Bah!  Curse them!
Official Art
Wahahahahaha!  I'm getting my own
cel soon!  Wai wai!  That's at least
ONE cel that some random webmaster
can't show up and bitch about being
up here...
(Pic very kindly drawn by Talen.)
And now I have them!  Nyah nyah,
I like Kalia more than you!  Of course,
that was probably obvious...
Blade's Cels

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