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Welcome to the first and only Kalia shrine on the Net. Cheesy opening, ne? Ah well, such is life. Who is Kalia, you ask? Well, in that case you've obviously not watched El Hazard OAV2. (You should probably consider yourself fortunate for this) But in any case, Kalia was the main villain of that series - unless you count Princess Fatora - a new demon goddess that Jinnai awakes as part of his neverending quest to crush all opposition, rule the planet of El Hazard and most importantly show up Makoto Mizuhara.

"How corny!" you cry, and you would be correct, but it's really not as unoriginal as all that. Why? Because Kalia is nothing like Ifurita, that's why. There are a number of reasons for this, most of them spoilers, but the biggest and best one (both reason and spoiler) is this:
she's EVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVIIIIIIIIILLLLLLLLLL. Utterly, completely, totally, irredeemably soullessly evil. Not only does she not reform from Makoto's continual attempts to reach her soul, she actually uses that against him on several occasions, wrenching his lily-livered little heart around like a puppeteer.

And if you can't see how utterly cool that is...what the heck are you doing in a shrine devoted to one of Blade's favourite characters?

Anyway, enough babbling...I've got a whole section devoted to how cool Kalia-chan is. Okay, it's mildly disturbing to call her that, but I'm a mildly disturbing person, or hadn't you noticed? But I digress. As I was saying, there's a section devoted as to why Kalia is the coolest thing since sliced bread or Princess Fatora (who will also get a shrine, or at least a gallery, once Blade has time), as well as the obligatory image gallery, ruminations about her character, and other stuff to come when I think of it.

So, what are you waiting for? On to the good stuff!

Kalia is not only the coolest, cutest thing in El Hazard... Kowai Kalia Konnections

Why Kalia Is So Kakkoi
The Kalia Image Gallery
Kalia Ruminations
Kalia-Related Fanfiction
Other Kalia Goodies
Kalia-Approved Links
Kawaii Kalia Kredits
...she can also kick your ass.  And don't you forget it, 

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