What utter nonsense. As if I care about "links" on a primitive computer network in your dimension.

But you should see them! Tons of pages, all about you!


Well...uh, actually, this is the only one that's technically about you...but what's a shrine without a link page?

Die, fanboy.

Eeek! (runs and hides)

Come back here, you fleshling worm!

(still hiding) I may be disturbed, but I'm not stupid!

So, even in this "shrine" to me, you lie to me for no reason...

Ack! I'm sorry, Kalia-chan! It was only a joke, really it...



That'll teach you, worm. Heh, I feel a lot better now. Maybe I'll look at these "links" after all...

Want to link to the Shrine and express your appreciation and worship for the Cute Evilness that is Kalia? You're in luck! Not only can you do so without even asking permission (although letting Blade know where the page is would be appreciated), you can now use one of these nifty little link banners! Wai!
Revel in my greatness, fleshlings! I appreciate worshippers.  They will be among the
last of your kind to die screaming.
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