Welcome, one and all, to the ultimate expression of Blade's rampant Kalia-fanboydom; his long, sprawling essays on all things Kalia! Whee!

A totally superfluous Kalia pic I put here because I wanted to.  Got a problem with that? Well, okay, there's only one real essay here at the moment, but it's definitely a doozy, test-run past the good folk of rec.arts.anime.misc and everything. In the future I might have more, assuming anyone cares. Tons of essays, explaining everything about OAV2 up to and including the selective blindness that caused Makoto and Co. to totally miss the fact that little lost orphan Kalia had a big whopping socket in her back!

Well, okay, the major explanation for that is that OAV2 was written with about as much attention to detail as the average Ranma 1/2 fanfic. By people with about the same writing talent in some places, too. On the other hand, it gave us Kalia, right? So be grateful! And on that note, on with the essays...err...essay!

Kalia Essays and Stuff

Hmm...that wasn't much, was it? Here, let's have -something- else, at least...
Well, hey, what were you expecting, reams of manuscripts? It's only a four-episode series, y'know! Give a man a break! What do you mean, persecution complex!? You're just out to get me! You vicious, unprincipled fiends!

(deep breaths)

Okay, I feel better now. Anyway, I'm open to assistance on expanding this portion of the page. Think my essay's full of crap or completely missed important questions such as whether Kalia has fingernails and if so, why? Write 'em up and send 'em! I'll put them up, probably along with mocking commentary because I'm such a bitter and unloved bastard (this probably explains a lot about my choice in favourite characters, now that I think about it). On the slightly more likely to happen side, if you have any other nifty facts about Kalia I missed here, send 'em to me and I'll add it to the trivia list along with a credit.

That's it! Back to the Shrine with you!