Coming soon, the ultra-spiffy Kalia Hairdryer!  Betcha that wimpy Ifurita can't get a cool demonic effect like this... This is the section of the page where I put all those weird and wonderful Kalia things that don't fit anywhere else on the page.

There's...not much here, is there? Well, it's not MY fault Pioneer were such fools as to not realise the true greatness of Kalia-chan and give her image songs, KISS dolls, a screensaver, wallpaper, her own series and all the other things that she so richly deserves. Still, I do what I can...which is, usually, nagging other people to create things for me. But you don't have to wait for me to harass you! If you think you can create a screensaver, fan art, KISS doll, or anything else your heart desires, feel free to send them right to me, at what is actually the right address this time! ^^;

And, with that in mind, let us move on to what I have managed to garner!

Kalia Fanart

Here I have fanart of lovely, sweet Kalia-chan, sent in by lovely, sweet readers. As you can see, there's not a whole lot here yet...but anyone who feels like they can improve this sad situation, please, please, please feel encouraged to do so!

By Talen

Kalia fanart?
Well, sort of...

By K. Tsuta


By Jason Heavensrun

Version 2.0

By Jason Heavensrun


By Sammy

on vacation?

By Ken Roberts

Ack! Too...

By Ken Roberts

Kalia and...

By The Z

Awesome Kalia
from A-kon!

By Holly Daughtrey

Another awesome
pic from A-kon!

Kalia Wallpaper

Show the world that you're one of Kalia's sycophantic minions! When she annihilates everything, you're sure to be among the last to die screaming!

By Serux Zephirum

By me!

Kalia Voicecaps

The following are samples of Kalia's Japanese voice, done by the talented Yuka Imai (she's GOT to be talented if she can play both Kalia and Wakaba!). Many thanks to Vince Tagle for aquiring them for me.

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