This is the fanfic that started it all (by which we mean us starting ambitious fanfic projects and never finishing them), so if you really want someone to blame, blame George Lucas. It beats blaming him for the Star Wars Prequels, not that we would be making a sly reference to something somewhere else on this website, say in the review section, of course.

And now that we've plugged our own website (kind of unnecessary, since you're already here), it probably bears mentioning that this is a fusion-type crossover between Ranma 1/2 and Star Wars. It is also probably our most popular fanfic, though for some reason whenever people talk about it, they never attribute it to us.

Which might explain its popularity, come to think of it.

For some time, it looked like this fanfic might actually be done. But we couldn't have that, so we started revising the old ones and writing new parts to correspond with the new (at the time) Star Wars Prequels. Again, we remind you that it's all George Lucas' fault.

There's a soft spot in our cold, black hearts for this fanfic, mostly because we torture and destroy the lives of many of our favourite characters throughout it. Also, there's at least two things in the ending of the first trilogy that never fail to get us warm, happy flame mail every time. Most of all, it's the only fanfic series so far which provided us with a suitable excuse to use Yohyou!

That isn't George Lucas' fault, but you can blame him anyway if it'll make you feel better.

A Star Wars/Ranma 1/2 Crossover By Blade and Epsilon