Surprise! Yes, there was more Tsubasa-related material, after all! Specifically, the PC Engine-CD (that's Turbografx 16, or more properly the Turbo Duo, to you non-video-game geeks) game Toraware no Hanayome, which basically translates to The Captive Bride. There's actually three Ranma games for the PC Engine-CD; this one's the obligatory text adventure. I got it primarily for Tsubasa (plus, it was cheap). It's not like there's not characters I like more than Tsubasa, but things with rare characters are always attractive to me. Hell, I got Battle Renaissance primarily because it had Ryuu Kumon and Rouge in it, and that game sucked an enormous amount of ass.

Though not as much as Battle Sabers. Then again, it'd be hard to find a game that sucked more than Battle Sabers. Seriously.

Toraware no Hanayome Caps, Part 1

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