“Okay, Ran, so we sneak around the bastard’s blind side and then infiltrate the Compound of Evil.”

“…the what?”

“His Compound of Evil.  From the blind side.”

“Ranma, that’s an apartment build-“

“It’s… a… Compound… Of… Evil!”

“Ooookay.  And then the ‘blind side’ would be… the back?”

“Right.  Now we have to be careful, and make sure we sneak around all the guards.  Like that one there.  Watch him.”

“Ranma, that looks like a superintendent.  Who’s taking out the trash.”

“That’s only what he WANTS you to think!  Trust me, Ran, this guy’s tricky.  You can’t take your eye off him for a minute, or trust what he says, or believe what he wants you to believe!  And he wants you to believe that’s a superintendent.”

“Sure, stud, sure.  Whatever you say.  It’ll make better copy anyway.”

“You got it.  Now, we gotta find some way to make it to the top floor without settin’ off any alarms.”

“What about the fire escape?”

“Feh.  Too easy.  And he’s gotta have it bugged- hey!  Ran!  Get off that!”