Last update: 23/11/2023 – Chapter 12 of Go! Unashamed Reincarnation Protagonist Sakura is up!

Welcome to C&A Productions, the online home for the creative work of Chris McNeil (Blade) and Aaron Peori (Epsilon). We first posted a fanfic to the internet (or, more accurately, USENET) in 1996, and our first webpage (hosted at Crosswinds!) went online in 1999 (then went offline again when Crosswinds lost all the data, then online again through POE Hosting because Portal of Evil was, like, a thing back then). Our old webpage, in all its using-frames-and-designed-for-IE-and-800*600-resolution glory, had been planned to be replaced for many years, but unfortunately wasn’t finished before Aaron’s untimely passing in 2019. With the help of my wife Rebecca, it’s finally become a reality. Of course, by this point personal home pages are almost quaint; so for anyone who’s actually found it, thanks for stopping by!

Primarily, this is a repository of (at least most of) our joint and individual writing efforts since we first started posting fanfiction in 1996, and a compilation of Aaron’s advice, anecdotes and homebrew for writing and role-playing. Other things, like image galleries, might follow later. This’ll be a work in progress for many years, as compiling all of Aaron’s work is a particularly large task.

All content unless stated otherwise is ©2021 Chris McNeil. He can be contacted here. The banner picture is courtesy of Jason Heavensrun. You can find more of his stuff at Checkmate Studios.