On The Appearance of Exalted Attacks

How do you describe a Lethal attack that inflict damage on the enemy but have it turn into Bashing ? I’m talking about Crane Form converting all your attack damage into Bashing at step 10, easy to imagine if you already use Bashing weapon like your bare-hands, kinda weird if you use the Style’s weapon which deal Lethal damage (Hook-sword and Warfan).

You slash someone with the sword when in Crane Form and then the wound just magically turn into bruise and paper cut seem a little silly…..


You ever played Soul Calibur? You know how all the characters in the game slash each other through the entire body with swords and spears and stuff and all that happens is a bright flash and a reduced health bar instead of, say, them being cut in half?

It’s magic. Have the sword pass through the target’s body, causing a horrific chopping sound and maybe even a dramatic spray of blood… yet afterwards all the opponent sees is a long and painful bruise.

Any fool can use the flat of his blade. You are Exalted! You use the edge and it leaves no cuts because you demand it.

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