On Why Solar Animas Shouldn’t Inflict Damage

(in response to a post suggesting Solar animas should do damage like Dragonblooded ones do)

I think animas should leave marks on the environment, but I don’t like the idea of every Solar literally being a DBZ character causing any mortals nearby to explode if they get too close.

One of the things I liked about the difference between Dragonblooded and Celestials is that while Dragonblooded are much closer to mortals in most ways, they actually have a far more perverse incentive to not associate with mortals and not live mortal lives. A Dragonblooded who tries to fight alongside a mortal soldier will kill him. A Dragonblooded who tries to ride a mortal ship or live in a mortal house will burn it down. Dragonblooded are not human and you need to accommodate them.

On the other hand, a Celestial can live with, fight alongside and otherwise do everything they want with mortals with not much worry of unintentionally destroying them or their possessions. This makes the fact that most Celestials end up treating mortals as a separate species more poignant.

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