Why The Fair Folk Should be Creation’s Victims

The problem with the “Creation is ultimately insignificant” thing is this:

It cuts all narrative heft out of the Fair Folk. If the raksha are not, in fact, the refugees of a massive crime which destroyed their very reality and imposed the horrors of time and distance and direction and death (never forget death) on them, then all they are is chaos daemons, horrible gribbles who eat souls and want to destroy Creation for a lark. They have no more sympathy due them than Pratchett Elves. If the Fair Folk can get away from Creation, just go further and further until all the stuff in Creation is meaningless, until they escape the facts the Primordials imposed on them by Creation’s very existence…

Then they’re just D&D monsters. No more worth consideration than a Beholder or a Mind Flayer. They exist to be killed.

But if the Fair Folk are basically the first and most greatly wronged party in the entire setting… if their grievances with the status quo are legitimate and the crimes against them are ongoing and inescapable… then they suddenly have narrative heft again. They are moral agents, who must be dealt with a moral beings. It means that while their way of life may be incompatible with that of native Creation-born, those selfsame Creation-born can not claim to override their needs and desires by fiat.

The entire point of the setting is that there is no Designated Evil faction. There are nasty, horrible people in each faction, but each one has a gripe that is entirely legitimate from their point of view.

If the raksha could be happy by just moving out into the endless Wyld… then they aren’t legitimate. They’re monsters who want to kill billions of people for convenience.

So I object to any interpretation of the setting which transform the Fair Folk from one of the more compelling takes on alien faerie soul eaters ever put on paper to Yet Another Mindless Bad Guy You Can Kill With No Moral Consequence. And in order to prevent that the Wyld must be both infinite… and centered entirely on Creation with no possible escape.

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