Why Alchemicals Shouldn’t Have Bureaucracy Charms

See, the thing is that the point of making Alchemicals nothing without their nation-state is that they have to be ultimately subservient to it. If their nation-state is run by a bunch of fascist xenophobic assholes? Welp. You can protest that, but suddenly you’ll find your vats access curtailed and yourself assigned to shit assignments (maybe even literally. “Oh mighty Exalt immune to disease, please clean out the cesspits that our entire city dumps its waste into. No, we don’t have the resources to equip you with cesspit-cleaning Charms. Here is a mop and bucket. Sure would be nice to let you stay in your cushy apartment only occasionally killing dissidents, but you declined that honor so…”)

Bureaucracy Charms means that Alchemicals would be preternaturally skilled at it above mortals. The Exalts would be better at cutting through red tape and bureaucratic obstruction, at cleaning out corruption and graft. Or causing all of the above. And then they would do just that, which means that the fact the nation-state controls the purse suddenly be meaningless, because the ability of the state to restrict the Exalt from getting whatever he wants is now a paper tiger. Further, if the Exalt is objectively better at running things then he should be running things. Why have a Tripartite Council of mortals when you could have a single Exalt who can run everything better?

No, best to nip that in the bud. By design (either inherent to the Exaltation or imposed by the mortals) Alchemicals shouldn’t have Charmtech which makes them better at leadership rules in anything but existential issues. Even then they should be as limited as possible. Honestly, I’m leery of giving Alchemicals mass combat Charms as well. Alchemicals are a mix of green berets and predator drones, the kind of operative you deploy to do a job nobody else can do. All the leadership and command and control should be mortal.

(in response to someone saying Alchemicals were “meant to remove corruption and graft”)

No, they’re not. Alchemicals are meant to keep the humans in Autocthon alive. They are meant to protect them from all the natural dangers, fight off the self-destructive horrors from Autocthon’s intestines that crawl out to eat them all, provide hope and succor to the people who are trapped in a writhing titanic technohellscape that wants to kill them, and eventually evolve into literal life support systems.

Autocthon wants to keep humans alive so they a: pray to him (in the form of building widgets) and b: provide him with delicious, delicious souls. Like, the reason the places are filled with factories where people engage in repetitive tasks all the time praying to Autocthon under their breath is not because those factories produce useful technology: it’s because if they stop doing that Autocthon dies and they die with him. The fact that the nation-states were able to double-purpose their cathedrals to produce useful technology is a marvel of human accomplishment.

Fighting graft and corruption are incidental to that. Almost tangential. Unless that graft and corruption is literally an existential threat to the city (it rarely ever is) Alchemicals would be better served doing what they are good at: killing gremlins or dangerous machina, exploring the reaches for resources or new locations to plop down cities, innovating useful technology, or inspiring humanity to not commit collective suicide inside the constant darkness and deafening engine sounds of the nightmare life they are forced to live in.

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