On SWLIHN’s Charmset

(in response to someone saying She Who Lives In Her Name represented, among other things, physics)

She’s not physics, she’s mathematics. There is a difference.

Her Charms should be less generic sci-fi telekinesis as Weird Math Equations. Like, instead of her perfect defense being summoning a equal and opposite counter-force, it should be a mathematical proof that she could not be hit by your attack, manifesting as the opponent missing. You can keep the stuff about creating geometric shapes, but focus more on their limits than their exploits.

Basically the problem is that her Charm-set is too broad. You get the ability to create anything you want and resist any attack and transform things into any other thing. It’s boring, because unlike other Infernals she has no meaningful limits other than raw Essence.

If you reskinned her TK as summoning planes and shapes made of visible force which she uses to englobe and push objects with, that’s interesting and a cool visual. Mechanically you could even have it be much the same, but with the limit being based on geometry and perfect shapes suddenly there is a much narrower, and thus more interesting to exploit, space for stunting.

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