Redesigning the Infernal Charmsets

If you absolutely had to assign the five Yozi to the Castes (you did not, but let’s assume you did) it would be better as this:

Adorjan – Dawn – because murder
Malfeas – Zenith – because king
She Who Lives In Her Name – Twilight – One out of five was right
Ebon Dragon – Night – because he is literally night
Cecelyne – Eclipse – because she is literally the connection between Malfeas and Creation

Honestly, the best solution would have been to decouple them from Solar Castes entirely. Ebon Dragon Infernals should have been Ebon Dragon caste, with a unique Ebon Dragon-themed anima power, the same with all the others. This would have also solved the problem of what to do with Kimbery or Isidoros or Oramus Infernals who don’t want to favour one of the five first published Yozi.

Yeah, it would have meant coming up with a new anima power for each Yozi, but that’s not hard. And as Aleph says, if you’re going for a gameplay theme each Yozi charmset is basically half of two Solar charmsets. With 5 Solar Castes that means you would have 25 unique combinations of [ Major Caste a]/[ Minor Caste b]. Which is kind of an auspicious number, since there are 23 Yozi in Malfeas and 2 non-Yozi Primordials. If you eliminate five of them (Gaia, Autocthon, Sacheverell and two others) you can eliminate all the Dawn/Dawn-type combinations and get 20 interesting permutations on Charm trees. (Autocthon, for instance, would be the Twilight/Twilight Primordial).

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