A Charm for Solar McGuyver

Material Gathering Method
Cost: 2m+ Type: Supplemental Duration: Indefinite
Keywords: None
Mins: Craft 3, Essence 2 Prereqs: Any Craft Excellency

To the Lawbringer, all Creation is his workshop, stocked with whatever he may need by his authority as rightful ruler of all he surveys. This Charm supplements a Perception + Investigation, Survival or Larceny roll to scrounge for materials suitable to serve as fodder for a single craft project. By default this is a Difficulty 1 roll, but the storyteller may impose a External Penalty on the roll based on how sparse material is in the region to a maximum of -5 for utterly desolate (for example, attempting to scrounge up metal for a sword while adrift in the acid seas of Kimbery or locating suitable herbs for a healing poultice on the edge of the Well of Oblivion). If the Solar has been imprisoned or some other force is otherwise attempting to prevent the Solar from acquiring materials, they may impose an additional external penalty on the roll equal to their (Perception or Wits + Larceny or Investigation)/2 .

On a success the Solar acquires resources suitable for a mundane crafting project with a Resources value no higher than his extra successes on the roll (maximum 5); this costs 2m per dot of Resources. These materials are scrounged from local materials and have been expertly repurposed by the Solar to fit his needs (melting down the sands of Cecelyne to produce a glass as hard as steel to forge a sword, using concentrated Oblivion to burn out the impurities in a drop of blood to produce a healing draught and so on). The material retain their repurposed nature only so long as the Solar maintains his investment in them; after he has no need of the unnatural wonder, his gaze turns aside and any object constructed from them falls apart or otherwise becomes useless.

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