A Charm to Make “Mundane” Weapons Legendary

Blade Spirit Unlocking Meditation
Cost: 3m Type: Simple (Dramatic Action) Duration: Indefinite
Keywords: None
Mins: Melee 3, Essence 1 Prereqs: None

The Solar knows that the spirit of each sword is unique and powerful in its own right; even the most humble blacksmith’s dagger may strike with the potential of the flamboyant weapons of legend. To perform this Charm the Solar must spend one hour interacting with a weapon he has Ownership of to awaken its least god and win its loyalty. So long as the motes remain committed, the weapon gains the benefits of the Orichalcum Magical Material bonus. So long as the motes remain committed, anyone but the Solar attempting to use the weapon suffers (-Solar’s Essence) internal penalty to their attack rolls as the spirit of the blade rejects them.

This Charm may be repurchased at Essence 2. Doing so allows the weapon to act as a Artifact 2 weapon of the equivalent type; this increases the committment cost by 2m. The Solar may repurchase it again at Essence 3, 4 and 5. Each repurchase raises the effective Artifact rating of the weapon by one and the commitment cost by 2m. Generally weapons enhanced by this Charm gain unique artifact powers equivalent to other artifacts once past the 2 dot range. The effective artifact dots granted by this Charm do not stack with actual artifacts.

Weapons enhanced by this Charm tend to develop strong personalities and may become NPCs in their own right, but this is not required. Weapons enhanced by this Charm have a Conviction of 5 and an unbreakable Intimacy towards their master.

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