Dragon-Blooded Charms for Exalted 2nd Edition

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Dragonblooded and Dice-Limits
Dragonblooded Charms are weaker than most Celestial Charms when it comes to internal effects such as adding dice. Dragonblooded may add no more than their Ability rating in dice. This limit increases by the Exalt’s Specialty dice if that Specialty applies.

A large number of Dragonblooded Charms grant temporary Specialties for any number of Abilities. Charms which grant these Specialty dice allow the character to have any number of Specialties for one Ability, however the rule that no more than three dice may be applied as a bonus from Specialties still applies. Specialties granted by Dragonblooded Charms DO increase their dice-adder limits. Certain Charms only apply if a Dragonblooded has a specialty in a certain area – temporary specialties count when determining if the character can use that Charm.

Charm Aspects
All Dragonblooded Charms come easier to some Aspects then others. Each Dragonblooded Aspect has five Abilities it naturally favours. Any Charm that is developed from one of these Abilities is considered Aspected to that element. Dragonblooded of the appropriate Aspect can use the Charm without penalty. Any other being (including out-of-aspect Dragonblooded, Eclipse and Moonshadow Exalted) must first forcibly attune their anima to the element by an act of will. It cost one Willpower to attune an anima for one scene, which must be paid reflexively the first time the character uses an out-of-Aspect Charm. After spending the Willpower, the character can use such Charms freely for the rest of the scene.

Additionally, the Abilities within the Aspects have been reorganized as follows:
Air – Athletics, Linguistics, Lore, Stealth, Thrown
Earth – Craft, Integrity, Melee, Performance, Resistance
Fire – Dodge, Occult, Presence, Socialize, War
Water – Bureaucracy, Investigation, Larceny, Martial Arts, Sail
Wood – Archery, Awareness, Medicine, Ride, Survival

Reflexive Charms
Dragonblooded do not, unless noted in the Charm description, get to activate Reflexive Charms without it counting as their Charm activation for their action. However, see the Anima keyword below for a refinement of this idea.

New Keywords
Some Dragonblooded Charms require special rules. Rather than repeating those rules, the system of keywords allows the Charm to be shorthanded.

Cooperative – Many of the Dragonblooded’s most important Charms are designed to be used in groups. Originally the Dragonblooded were the foot soldiers of the Gods, and their Charm design revolves around them cooperating with each other towards a common goal. To use a Charm cooperatively, all the participating Dragonblooded must know the Charm in question and must activate it at the same time (on the same tick in combat). Eclipse and Moonshadow Exalted may learn such Charms but do not gain the improved benefits when using it with multiple Dragonblooded (their animas do not naturally attune in the same manner).

Elemental – Charms with this keyword are tied more intimately to the five elements than normal. The effects of such Charms vary based on what Aspect the Exalt was born as, as described in the text. Unless otherwise noted in the Charm’s text, the Exalt may only learn the version attuned to their element.

Anima – Charms with this keyword represent a process of refining and developing the Exalt’s elemental anima. In effect they render the Dragonblooded more like their patrons, allowing them to generate elemental energy from their very souls. These Charms permanently enhance the Exalt’s abilities, granting him new techniques he can use by manipulating his anima. Think of them as similar to mutations, but these mutations improve the Exalt’s anima rather than his body. The downside of Anima Charms is that they render the Dragonblooded more inhuman.

When purchased, each anima Charm reduces the character Personal Essence pool by one permanently and increases the character’s Peripheral Essence pool by one permanently (in effect on Personal Essence mote becomes one Peripheral Essence mote). If the Anima Charm has a cost in motes to activate, it MUST be spent from the character’s Peripheral Essence pool. Exalts with a large number of Anima Charms tend to be much more obviously supernatural than their counterparts, and even when they haven’t spent any Essence at all they tend to have minor elemental effects surrounding them at all times. For every three Anima Charms the character has, he suffers a -1 external penalty to any attempts to pass as a mortal. Unless noted otherwise, activating Anima effects does not count as a Charm activation. Instead, they count as activating the Dragonblooded’s anima powers for the purpose of when and where they can be used.

Eclipse and Moonshadow Caste characters cannot learn Anima Charms.

Universal Charms
First, Second and Third Excellency

All of these Charms work exactly as described in the Dragonblooded Core book with one exception: the cost for the First Excellency is 1m per die, not 1m per two dice.

Instant (Ability) Refinement
Cost: 2m per person Type: Simple (Speed 5, DV-1)
Duration: One Scene
Keywords: Stackable
Mins: (Ability) 3, Essence 2 Prereqs: (Any) (Ability) Excellency

Dragonblooded units were designed to be very specialized but also very versatile, allowing the Dragonblooded to quickly switch focus to new efforts on the fly. With this Charm, the Exalt can elevate his allies to his own level of focus and knowledge in any area. By touching the subject of this Charm (or having everyone join hands in a large group), the Dragonblooded can pass his knowledge on to others.

The Dragonblooded can grant any ally access to a single specialty that is already known to the Dragonblooded using this Charm. This grants the ally a temporary specialty that lasts for one scene, or as long as they are willing to commit the Essence. The Exalt may grant this benefit to multiple allies by committing two motes per ally, up to a maximum number of allies equal to his Essence.

This Charm can grant any number of Specialty dice, but each specialty requires a new evocation. For example, if you wanted to grant your allies the Stealth Specialty “In Groups” at +3, you would evoke this Charm three times to grant the allies an “In Groups” specialty three separate times. You can only grant a specialty you know personally, and only a number of times you actually have it (so you can’t grant “In Groups” +3 unless you already have “In Groups” +3).

Terrestrial (Ability) Reinforcement
Cost: 2m, 1wp Type: Simple (Speed 5, DV-1)
Duration: One Scene
Keywords: Stackable, Cooperative
Mins: (Ability) 4, Essence 3 Prereqs: (Any) (Ability) Excellency

No single Charm shows how well the Dragonblooded work together than this Charm. When evoked by a single Dragonblooded it reduces the cost of any Excellencies they know by 1m, to a minimum of one. However if multiple Dragonblooded activate it at the same time then the total discount is equal to the number of Dragonblooded that activate it together (so if four Dragonblooded activate this Charm, all four of them reduce the cost of their Excellencies by 4 motes to a minimum of 1).

(Ability) Anima Infusion
Cost: None Type: Permanent
Duration: Permanent
Keywords: Anima
Mins: (Ability) 2, Essence 2 Prereqs: (Any) (Ability) Excellency

This Charm is the most basic Anima Charm and often serves as the building block for further anima improvements. When this Charm is purchased, all of the Dragonblooded’s Excellencies for that Ability become Anima qualities. Remember the limitations of Anima qualities, especially the one that limits them to being paid for only out of Peripheral Essence.

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