Distracting Breeze Method
Cost: 5m (+1wp) Type: Simple
Duration: One Scene
Keywords: Cooperative
Mins: Stealth 3, Essence 2 Prereqs: None

The Dragonblooded calls on the very air itself to help hide his presence. For the duration of this Charm, anyone who makes an Awareness roll to detect the Dragonblooded suffers a -1 external penalty to his roll. This penalty manifests as convenient and distracting environmental effects. A well timed breeze creating just enough noise to mask the Exalt’s footsteps is the favourite example, but it can include blowing dust into a guard’s eyes to make them water or anything else. The Dragonblood can extend this benefit to a unit of up to Magnitude 1 by paying an additional 1wp when he evokes the Charm.

When multiple Dragonblooded use this Charm cooperatively the external penalty increases to -1 per Dragonblooded. To do so the Charm must be evoked in its large scale effect mode, but it can never affect more than five Dragonblooded at one time.

Zone of Silence Stance
Cost: 3m, 1wp Type: Simple
Duration: One Scene
Keywords: None
Mins: Stealth 4, Essence 2 Prereqs: Distracting Breeze Method

When this Charm is evoked the Dragonblooded creates a zone of supernatural silence around him. This zone is mobile with the character at the centre. All sounds that originate from within a radius of the users Essence in yards are totally silenced. Additionally, any sounds from outside the bubble of silence fail to penetrate. Obviously, this means the character cannot speak or hear others speaking. While within the zone of effect, any attempts to detect the presence of the Exalt by sound automatically fail, however any attempt by the character to sense others by sound also automatically fails.

Pulse Of The Air
Cost: None Type: Permanent
Duration: Permanent
Keywords: None
Mins: Stealth 4, Essence 2 Prereqs: Third Stealth Excellency

The Dragonblooded learns to watch out for his teammates. Using his command of air, he can aid them along by muting their steps, and giving them gentle nudges out of the way of prying eyes. This Charm allows the character to evoke the Third Stealth Excellency for any ally who is within his line of sight. The Exalt pays the cost as normal and his ally rerolls his own pool.

The Passing Breeze
Cost: None Type: Permanent
Duration: Permanent
Keywords: Anima
Mins: Stealth 4, Essence 3 Prereqs: Pulse of the Air

The Exalt learns to manifest the lowest levels of his anima as an effect in the air. Air aspects create cold temperatures, Fire aspects heat up rooms, Earth aspects create dry air and Water aspects make it damp, while Wood aspects create a faint fragrance unique to each Exalt. This considerably aids stealth, since the changes in the environment are much easier to pass off as natural effects than a glowing beacon of Exalted might. Eventually however the Exalt’s anima bursts into being; no magic can suppress it forever.

Once the character purchases this Charm treat his anima display as one step lower on the anima display chart for the purposes of interfering with Stealth only. The anima still produces the usual anima flux damage for its level.

Dragon Shroud Technique
Cost: 5m Type: Reflexive
Duration: One Action
Keywords: Combo-OK
Mins: Stealth 5, Essence 4 Prereqs: Zone of Silence Stance

The Exalt draws the Essence of air into his body, taking on some of its properties. For the duration of this Charm the character is invisible, his body becomes completely see through just like normal air. This is not an illusion. Any attempts to locate the character visually automatically fail, unless opposed by suitable magic. This Charm can be activated reflexively just as someone begins to look in the Dragonblooded’s location, provided he is aware of the person and paying attention to them. It can also be used in plain sight.

The primary use for this Charm is to either quickly cross monitored areas without being seen or to vanish and escape from an enemy in the middle of combat. If used during an attempt to Reestablish Surprise the opponents dice pool is reduced to zero before applying Charms. While not recommended or sustainable over long periods this Charm can be used in combat on offense and defense. Opponents attacking an invisible opponent (provided they know roughly where he is) suffer a -2 external penalty to their rolls. Similarly, those defending against such attacks either suffer Unexpected Attacks (if they have no idea where the character is) or a -2 DV penalty to their defences (if they do).

Vanished From The World
Cost: 8m Type: Reflexive
Duration: One Tick
Keywords: None
Mins: Stealth 5, Essence 5 Prereqs: Dragon Shroud Technique

This Charm is a refinement of Dragon Shroud Technique. The Exalt further assumes the properties of air, transforming himself into nothing more than a gentle breeze. The characters body and equipment dissolve into a gust of wind, capable of moving anywhere that the air itself can move. This is basically anywhere that isn’t airtight. The character can move without any consideration for gravity, though if he fails to maintain this Charm on any tick he will fall. The character moves at his normal walking speed, or his running speed if he took a Dash action. The character has actually become nothing but wind, he is not a spirit and benefits from all the effects of Dragon Shroud Technique while this Charm is active. However, attacks that damage dematerialized spirits can damage the Exalt. Character can activate this Charm during step 2 of attack resolution to evade all attacks for the rest of the tick, provided they cannot hurt dematerialized beings.

At Essence 6+ the Dragonblooded can choose to make this an Anima effect by purchasing the Charm a second time. If he does, he can activate this Charm even if his anima is flaring iconic at the time.

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