Loyal Weapon
Cost: 1m Type: Supplemental
Duration: Instant
Keywords: Combo-OK
Mins: Thrown 3, Essence 2 Prereqs: (Any) Thrown Excellency

The signature Charm of the Air Aspected warrior is the ability to turn any weapon into a thrown weapon. The character attaches a “string” of invisible air Essence to the weapon, allowing him to propel it no matter how un-aerodynamic it may be. At the end of the tick the Dragonblooded tugs on the string, returning the weapon to his hand. If used with a normal thrown weapon this Charm merely allows him to retrieve them at the end of the tick. If used with a hand-to-hand weapon the character makes a Dexterity + Thrown attack, adding the weapons Accuracy bonus as usual. The range of this attack is the Exalt’s Essence x 5 yards. Thrown melee weapons have an effective Rate of 1 for the purposes of this Charm.

Opponents who are using a Guard or Aim action may abort their action on the tick that the Exalt uses this Charm in an attempt to catch the weapon on its return trip (the initial attack occurs too quickly to react to this way, barring Charms). The character must be along the return path for the attack. Resolve this as a Clinch attack against a DV of the Dragonblooded’s (Dexterity + Thrown + Essence)/2. Success means that the character has grabbed the weapon in a free hand and the thread of Essence snaps, meaning the Dragonblood will have to retrieve his weapon in some other fashion.

Persistent Hornet Attack
Cost: 2m per action Type: Simple (Speed Varies, DV -1)
Duration: One or more actions
Keywords: Combo-OK
Mins: Thrown 4, Essence 3 Prereqs: Loyal Weapon

This Charm works on a similar principle to the Loyal Weapon; by controlling the weapon with a string of wind Essence the Exalt cannot just retrieve a weapon but cause it to curve around and attack the same target, or even a new target. The character spends 2m when this Charm is activated as part of a normal thrown attack. Resolve this attack as normal. However regardless of whether it hits or not the weapon remains in the air, spinning around on a new trajectory to attack again. The Speed of this Charm is equal to the Speed of the weapon used.

On the next tick in which the character acts he may reflexively attack with a weapon he has enchanted using Persistent Hornet Attack at his full dice pool. This attack may be against anyone in range and is treated as an Extra Attack (which may be supplemented by Excellencies or other Thrown Charms). Before making the attack roll the character may choose to commit two more motes to this Charm to keep it in the air for another action, meaning he gets to make a new attack with this same weapon again at the start of his next action. Spending these motes does not count against his Charm activation limit. It is possible to use this Charm on each action, slowly filling the air with a cloud of swooping projectiles.

This Charm may not be placed in a Combo with any Extra Action Charms, nor may the character benefit from this Charm and activate an Extra Action Charm on the same tick. Activating an Extra Action Charm while the character has projectiles in the air causes all of them to fall harmlessly to the ground. If the character Combos this Charm with any Supplemental Charms (such as Loyal Weapon) he must activate those Charms again on his next action at their full cost, and this does count as a Charm activation.

Finally weapons in mid-air via use of this Charm can be attacked, They have a Dodge and Parry DV (whichever is Applicable) equal to the users (Dexterity + Thrown + Essence)/2. Striking a weapon with a normal attack either destroys it or knocks it to the ground (either way the magic is disrupted and no longer useful) while a successful Clinch will grab the weapon from the air.

Invisible Hidden Chakram
Cost: 1m Type: Reflexive
Duration: Indefinite
Keywords: None
Mins: Thrown 5, Essence 4 Prereqs: Persistent Hornet Attack

The character throws a single thrown weapon and it vanishes in mid-flight, sent Elsewhere to be kept until the Exalt needs it. The mote for this Charm remains committed so long as he wants the weapon to remain Elsewhere. Weapons hidden in this manner are as undetectable as anything else that remains Elsewhere, although effects such as All Encompassing Sorcerer’s Sight may be able to determine the nature of the Charm from the committed Essence.

The character may uncommit the mote at any time, causing the weapon to fall harmless to the ground within one yard of him. Or he may make an attack and uncommit the mote at the same time, making a normal attack roll. The primary benefit of this Charm is that weapons released in this fashion do not count against the character’s Rate. Thus, if a Dragonblooded had five chakrams hidden by this Charm he could attack with all five in one flurry, regardless of the Chakram’s Rate. Each attack is made at the character’s full dice pool, but their use counts a Flurry (and inflicts -1DV per attack).

No more than (Essence) Projectiles can be stored at once in this manner. At Essence 6+ this amount doubles. At Essence 8 this amount doubles again.

Whirlwind Shield
Cost: 5m (+1wp) Type: Simple (Speed 3, DV -0)
Duration: One Scene
Keywords: Cooperative, Elemental
Mins: Thrown 3, Essence 2 Prereqs: None

The Exalt conjures up a spinning vortex of elemental energy that protects him from damage by deflecting blows. While this Charm is active the Dragonblooded gains a DV equal to his (Dexterity + Thrown + Essence)/2. This DV applies only to ranged attacks, and then only to ranged attacks from projectiles that would not require a Strength + Athletics of higher than the Dragonblooded’s Essence to lift. This DV is always considered a Parry DV, it does not suffer from multiple action or coordinated attack penalties but does suffer from onslaught penalties.

Additionally, this Charm provides increased protection against certain types of attacks, depending on the origin of the attack. Each element naturally rejects certain types of attackers, and if a thrown attack comes from those beings the DV increases by three.

Air – Provides increased protection against attacks from spirits and elementals of Creation below the level of the Incarna.

Earth – Provides increased protection against attacks from Fair Folk or Wyld mutants and other creatures of the Wyld.

Fire – Provides increased protection against attacks from demons and other servants of the Yozi.

Water – Provides increased protection against attacks from non-human Essence channelers not covered by one of the other elements.

Wood – provides increased protection against creatures of Death.

A Dragonblooded may enhance a small group, up to Magnitude one, by spending a Willpower when evoking this Charm. All subjects gain the benefits. If multiple Dragonblooded evoke this Charm simultaneously the Charm provides its bonus to a unit of Magnitude equal to the number of Dragonblooded evoking the Charm. Use the highest traits of any Dragonblooded present when determining the DV. The unit gains the extra benefit of the element if any of the Dragonblooded who evoke the Charm are of the appropriate element.

Vengeful Gust Counterattack
Cost: 2m Type: Reflexive (Step 9)
Duration: Instant
Keywords: Combo-OK
Mins: Thrown 5, Essence 3 Prereqs: Whirlwind Shield

This Charm can only be employed if the character is benefiting from a Whirlwind Shield. Using it, the character catches projectiles in the current of his anima and flings it back at the opponent. This Charm can only be activated if the character blocks a ranged attack with his Whirlwind Shield DV. If so, he may make an immediate counterattack at his full dice pool against the person who made the attack. All the standard rules for Counterattacks apply.

Elemental Bolt Attack
Cost: None Type: Permanent
Duration: Permanent
Keywords: Anima, Elemental
Mins: Thrown 3, Essence 2 Prereqs: None

From hiding weapons with his Essence to lashing out with his Essence directly, this Charm permanently enhances the Dragonblooded who purchases it. All Dragonblooded animas are dangerous, but this Charm refines that, allowing the Exalt to lash out with raw gouts of elemental fury directed at their opponents. This Charm is often called The Dragon’s Fang.

This Charm grants the Dragonblooded a new attack. This is a thrown attack made using Dexterity + Thrown. It has the following stats: Speed 5, Acc Essence Dam 2L/m Range Essence x 10 yards Rate 1 The attack does 2L damage per mote spent on its activation, up to a maximum number of motes spent equal to the Dragonblooded’s Stamina. Additionally, the raw elemental damage has increased effects depending on the Exalt’s aspect.

Air – Freezes the opponent with chilling winds or shocks them with miniature lightning bolts. Opponents must make a Stamina + Resistance roll with an external penalty equal to the health levels of damage inflicted, failure means they suffer a further -2 wound penalty. This effect is not cumulative.

Earth – Hits the opponent with raw concussive force from huge blunt objects. Opponents must make a Stamina + Resistance roll with an external penalty equal to the health levels of damage inflicted, failure means they are knocked prone.

Fire – Burns the opponent alive. This attack is the most blatantly destructive. Add the Dragonblooded’s Essence to the raw damage of the attack (each attack costs a minimum of one mote to make).

Water – Water compresses the opponent, crushing them with the pressure of the bottom of the ocean. Treat damage from this attack as Piercing and increase the minimum damage by one die.

Wood – Darts of plant matter seep into the opponent. Treat any opponent struck by this attack as if they were exposed to the Wood Aspect’s anima power.

Dragon’s Breath Attack
Cost: 3m, 1wp Type: Supplemental
Duration: Instant
Keywords: Combo-Basic, Elemental, Cooperative, War
Mins: Thrown 4, Essence 3 Prereqs: Elemental Bolt Attack

This Charm supplements a Dragonblooded’s Elemental Bolt Attack. When the character attacks with an Elemental Bolt supplemented by this Charm, he may target an area of up to (Essence) yards across anywhere within range. The attack explodes over that area, affecting everyone within. Make one attack roll and apply it to the DV of everyone within the area of effect separately. This attack may not be blocked without a stunt and may only be dodged if the opponent also uses his movement this tick to escape the area of effect.

If multiple Dragonblooded evoke this Charm at the same time the effects are greatly increased. Each Dragonblooded must target the same area. Each Exalt must spend the same number of motes on their Elemental Bolt, however use the Essence of the most powerful Dragonblooded present to determine the Accuracy, Range and area of effect of the attack, adding one point for every Dragonblooded beyond the first, to a maximum of double the usual bonus. Treat this as a Coordinated Attack against everyone in the area of effect, inflicting a penalty equal to the number of participants (max = most powerful Dragonblooded’s Essence).

This Charm has special rules in War. When used by a Sorcerer special character in a unit of Dragonblooded who also know this Charm the Sorcerer gets all the usual benefits of being in a Unit on the attack. Lookshy relies heavily on this Charm.

Sharpening The Dragon’s Fang
Cost: None Type: Permanent
Duration: Permanent
Keywords: Anima
Mins: Thrown 5, Essence 3 Prereqs: Elemental Bolt Attack

This Charm permanently enhances and upgrades the character’s Elemental Bolt Attack. When first purchased select three of the enhancements below to upgrade the Elemental Bolt Attack. Once this Charm is purchased additional enhancements may be purchased for 3xp or 1BP. None of these effects stack.

Lightning Speed: Reduce the Speed of the Attack to 4.

Rapid Fire: Increase the Rate of the Attack to 3.

Pressure Wave: Allows you to do 4B or 2L per mote spent, chosen when the character makes the attack.

Grow Range: Increase the Range to Essence x 50 yards.

Crystal Lens: Increases the Accuracy of the attack by 2.

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