Sample Dice Pools for Specific Enemy Types


Extra5 dice5 dice5 dice
Extra, elite8 dice5 dice5 dice
Heroic9 dice7 dice5 dice
Heroic, elite13 dice8 dice5 dice
Mortals: God-blooded, thaumaturges, beastmen etc.


Young 20-50yrs15 dice10 dice5 dice
Experienced 50-100yrs16 dice12 dice6 dice
Elder 100-200yrs20 dice15 dice10 dice
Ancient 200+yrs25 dice20 dice15 dice
Dragon-Blooded: Dynasts and Outcastes


Young (0 to 1yrs)15 dice12 dice9 dice
Trained (10 to 20yrs)17 dice12 dice10 dice
Experienced (20-50 yrs)19 dice14 dice11 dice
Veteran (50-100yrs)21 dice16 dice13 dice
Elder (100-200yrs)23 dice18 dice15 dice
Experienced elder (200-500yrs)25 dice20 dice17 dice
Veteran elder (500-1000yrs)27 dice22 dice19 dice
Ancient (1000-2000yrs)29 dice24 dice21 dice
Grand ancient (2000+yrs)31 dice26 dice23 dice
Celestials: Solars, Lunars, Abyssals, Infernals and Sidereals

Celestials (Focused)

Young (0-10yrs)18 dice12 dice6 dice
Trained (10-20yrs)22 dice13 dice6 dice
Experienced (20-50 yrs)26 dice14 dice7 dice
Veteran (50-100yrs)30 dice15 dice7 dice
Elder (100-200yrs)34 dice16 dice8 dice
Experienced elder (200-500yrs)38 dice17 dice8 dice
Veteran elder (500-1000yrs)42 dice18 dice9 dice
Ancient (1000-2000yrs)46 dice19 dice9 dice
Grand ancient (2000+yrs)50 dice20 dice10 dice
Focused Celestials: Solars, Lunars, Abyssals, Infernals and Sidereals


Essence 15 dice4 dice3 dice
Essence 210 dice7 dice5 dice
Essence 315 dice12 dice7 dice
Essence 420 dice15 dice10 dice
Essence 525 dice19 dice13 dice
Essence 630 dice22 dice15 dice
Essence 735 dice26 dice17 dice
Essence 840 dice30 dice20 dice
Essence 945 dice34 dice23 dice
Essence 1050 dice38 dice25 dice
Spirits: Gods and Elementals


Essence 14 dice3 dice2 dice
Essence 28 dice6 dice4 dice
Essence 312 dice9 dice6 dice
Essence 416 dice12 dice8 dice
Essence 520 dice15 dice10 dice
Essence 624 dice18 dice12 dice
Essence 728 dice21 dice14 dice
Essence 832 dice24 dice16 dice
Essence 936 dice27 dice18 dice
Essence 1040 dice30 dice20 dice


First Circle15 dice7 dice7 dice
Second Circle20 dice10 dice10 dice
Third Circle25 dice20 dice15 dice
Fetich Soul35 dice30 dice25 dice


General, young29 dice24 dice21 dice
General, old31 dice26 dice23 dice
Focused, young46 dice19 dice9 dice
Focused, old50 dice20 dice10 dice

Dragon Kings

Young15 dice10 dice5 dice
Experienced16 dice12 dice6 dice
Elder20 dice15 dice10 dice
Ancient25 dice20 dice15 dice
Dragon Kings

Fair Folk

Commoner18 dice9 dice9 dice
Noble20 dice15 dice10 dice
Great noble25 dice20 dice15 dice
Unshaped25 dice25 dice25 dice
Fair Folk

Other more unique beings such as Behemoths should be defined ad hoc. There is no specific system to use for those creatures.

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