Akio Ohtori

  • Gender: Male
  • Age: Unknown
  • Hair: White
  • Eyes: Blue
  • Nationality: Unknown
  • From the anime series Revolutionary Girl Utena, property of Central Park Media.
  • First Appearance: Chapter 16

Once upon a time, in a land far away and long ago, there was a Prince, or God, or Dios, depending on who you ask. And the world was kept safe and happy under his guidance. Until one day, through the wiles of a witch, he fell from grace, and could never again be what he once was. And what is left, of that deity that no longer is, is Akio.

Akio actually appears almost casual about the prospect of regaining his former power. This is possibly a facade, or possibly just a reflection of the fact that after enough time and attempts, one can no longer be quite as anxious about even the most deeply-desired goal. But it is his goal, and nothing else matters to him. If it came down to it, Akio would sacrifice anything on the altar of power without the slightest iota of hesitation or regret. Everything Akio does, every word, every nuance, every gesture, is a carefully contrived plan, all in some way leading towards his ultimate end.

To most people, Akio is, to put in as simple terms as possible, desire made flesh. Women, even the most pure-hearted, find his charms irresistable – a factor both of his physical beauty, charming personality, and ability to know exactly what to say at the exact right time. He has used his blatent sexuality to marry into the Ohtori family and gain legitimate access to the campus he has made his new kingdom. Though, in truth, it seems likely Akio’s presence has been a constant for far longer than that, and he has thus likely been taking one identity after another that all coincidentally end up holding influence at Ohtori Academy.

Nor is Akio’s ability to manipulate others limited only to those of the fairer sex. He has a consummate understanding of human nature, and can play on the emotions and dreams of others with the skill of a concert pianist. So adept is he at this manipulation that only those he chooses actually tend to notice they are being manipulated, or even that he is as large a part of their lives as he in fact is. But like all else, he will only do this if it furthers his own aims… or if he finds the situation amusing enough.

While he has no apparent supernatural abilities aside from his unaging immortality, he controls a device built for him in the past, which can project illusions. These illusions are not mere solid light, but in fact the projections of dreams, desires, hopes and fears. His targets see not just what Akio wishes for them to see, but what they do. He has used the illusion projector to create the entire world of the Dueling Arena, the castle in the sky with its promise of power, and likely most of the seemingly supernatural effects experienced by his pawns.

Despite losing his supernatural power, Akio still retains all of his memories and learned skills, and he’s had a long time to polish them. He is probably about as adept with a sword as a human being can get, though he is unlikely to engage in physical combat except as a show. Just like everything else in his life.

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