• Gender: Female
  • Age: Unknown
  • Hair: Red
  • Eyes: Red
  • Nationality: Japanese/Tao Nebula
  • From the anime Sailor Moon, property of Toei Animation Co.
  • First Appearance: Chapter 13

The most senior of the Witches serving Professor Tomoe and Pharoah 90, Eudial also seems to be a bit older and more mature than her compatriots. Her specialty is technology, in all forms. She enjoys tinkering around with all manner of junk, and then turning it into improbably formidible weapons of mass destruction. In sheer technical expertise, she is undoubtedly the greatest of all of Pharoah 90’s servants. This is fortunate for her, since due to her bookwormish nature, Eudial has rather poor physical conditioning.

While Eudial is more than willing to take the field when necessary, she does not relish direct combat. Her preferred tactic is to strike without warning, accomplish her goal as quickly as possible, and run away. If it is necessary to hold off foes, she prefers to deploy a distraction to do it for her, then will abandon her erstwhile ally to escape, leaving it to the tender mercies of her enemies. If there is no other choice, however, Eudial is more than capable of holding her own if she has a little time to construct one of her inexplicably powerful contraptions.

Eudial is brilliant, but somewhat erratic. She is not actually quite as malevolent or vengeful as the average Sailor Moon villain. She is simply insanely loyal to Professor Tomoe, and his ideal of bringing the Silence to the world. In other words, she is a fanatical nihilistic cultist, but a rather low-key one. While she enjoys humiliating foes that have vexed her, she is also just as likely to endeavour to outdo herself and achieve a smashing success in order to erase the memory of previous failures.

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