Hamilcal Valkus

  • Gender: Male
  • Age: Unknown
  • Hair: White
  • Eyes: Blue-Grey
  • Nationality: Terran, possibly Spanish
  • From the manga Biobooster Armor Guyver, by Yoshiki Takaya
  • First Appearance: Chapter 15

Centuries ago, Hamilcal Valkus was caught in a storm at sea that destroyed his ship and stranded him on an isle surrounded by impassable whirlpools and reefs. On this island he encountered strange, seemingly magical creatures. He made his way to the heart of the island, where he encountered the sleeping form of Arkanphel, a being so ancient and powerful it staggered the imagination. Valkus talked with this being, learned of his origins and the origins of all humanity and agreed to help Arkanphel in his plan to reenter the world and eventually follow after those who had created him.

Valkus was granted a zoacrystal, a powerful gem which gave him impressive power and near-eternal life. He departed Arkanphel’s isle and began to travel the world, learning everything he could about nature and recruiting some of the exceptional beings he met in his travels to Arkanphel’s banner. The most promising of those he recruited were gifted with zoacrystals of their own, and they became the first zoalords. During his time spent with Arkanphel and his studies of the ruins left by the ancient aliens that had created him, Valkus discovered the process by which normal humans could be turned into zoanoids, humanoid war machines. Using the power of the zoacrystal, it was possible for he and his fellow zoalords to control the zoanoids.

Some time during the intervening centuries, Chronos was founded. While the original purpose of the organization is unknown, its current purpose is clear. It facilitates the research into new forms of zaonoids, the control of the worlds human population and, most importantly, the creation of new zoalords. Zoacrystals are a rare and precious commodity. Arkanphel could only create a handful, and he needed twelve zoalords to fulfill his ambitions. To that end, Valkus has spent all his life studying the nature of the crystals and of human genetics to see how the two interact.

Valkus is apparently unconcerned with the day to day operations of Chronos. He is strictly interested in research, and serves mostly as a relay for the wishes of Arkanphel to the other eleven zoalords. Valkus is fully consumed by his work, often engaging in research purely for the joy of discovery and with little care for the long-term consequences of his experiments. He is unswervingly loyal to Arkanphel, and whatever plans Arkanphel has for humanity.

As a zoalord, Valkus is a god-like being. While he appears frail and old, he is tougher and stronger than he looks. He can fly, project energy beams from the gem on his forehead, and has powers so great even the other zoalords respect him. He only uses these powers as a last resort in defense of his lord Arkanphel, however. Like all zoalords, he has the telepathic ability to communicate with, control, read the mind of and kill zoanoids over a large distance. This ability is absolute and cannot be resisted by anything short of another zoalord, although its strength diminishes over great distances. Valkus’ most dangerous power, however, is his immense intellect. Centuries old and possessed of an innate genius, Valkus is the undisputed master of human genetics and the creation of zoanoids. Given time, he can create bioweapons so potent that he would never need to enter into personal combat.

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