• Gender: Female
  • Age: 23 years old (as of 1992)
  • Hair: Blonde
  • Eyes: Blue
  • Nationality: ??
  • From the game series King of Fighters, by SNK/Playmore
  • First Appearance: Chapter 17

Mature is the second of a pair of assassins working for Goenitz. Her lifelong goal has been to help the Orochi clan unleash their master, which was accomplished a few years ago when she participated in the slaughter of the Clan of Yata. However, the Orochi is still weak, and Goenitz hid it away so that he could provide it with the power it needed to grow.: power he decided to harvest from the fighting spirit of young martial artists engaging in fierce competition across the globe.

Mature takes great pains to present a beautiful and elegant face to the world. This belies her true nature as a ruthless murderer, willing and capable of doing whatever it takes to win. Her only real purpose is to serve the will of the Orochi, and even her loyalty to Goenitz is not as deep as her dedication to the chaotic god.

Mature is a more refined fighter than Vice. She is faster, but weaker. She can strike with such speed that her fingers create vacuums in the air; these vacuums are sharp enough to slice through flesh and bone. She is also so attractive that she has been known to enchant men with her looks before striking, lulling them into lowering their guard for a first strike.

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