Rei Hino

  • Gender: Female
  • Age: 14
  • Hair: Black
  • Eyes: Purple
  • Nationality: Japanese/Moon Kingdom
  • From the anime Sailor Moon, property of Toei Animation Co.
  • First Appearance: Chapter 3

As the reincarnation of Sailor Mars, Rei Hino is also one of the Sailor Senshi. She has a dedicated and forceful personality, one which has made her the ‘queen’ of her prestigious private school. She is a shinto priestess in training, and has access to moderate spiritual powers which are greatly enhanced in her Senshi form. Rei takes all her responsibilities very seriously, but secretly dreams of being a famous singer, a loving wife and other such schoolgirl fantasies.

As Sailor Mars, Rei can summon and project flames of varying intensity. She has the standard increase in overall physical ability that comes with her tranformation as well. Even when not transformed, Rei has enhanced spiritual (almost psychic) senses that can detect unusual energy, and she can commune with the sacred flame of her shrine in an effort to uncover secrets or the future. The reliability of her spiritual senses is sometimes suspect, however. Rei can also use sutras (inked paper prayers) as wards and weapons against evil spirits. The strength of these wards is greatly increased in her Senshi identity.

Rei lives at the Cherry Hill Temple with her aging grandfather. She has at least one surviving parent, but her father is rarely seen interacting with her.

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