• Gender: Female
  • Age: Unknown
  • Hair: Green
  • Eyes: Green
  • Nationality: Japanese/Tao Nebula
  • From the anime Sailor Moon, property of Toei Animation Co.
  • First Appearance: Chapter 13

Telulu is one of what was known in the Sailor Moon anime as the “Witches 5”, the most powerful and trusted servants of Professor Tomoe and the god-like entity Pharoah 90. They were created in order to facilitate the destruction of Earth via the acquisition of the Holy Grail, and other such tasks intended to unleash the full power of the Messiah of Silence. It seems likely that, like Professor Tomoe, the Witches 5 were ordinary humans transformed into magically empowered cultists of Pharoah 90 via usage of daimon eggs. It is known that they have civilian identities: Telulu, for instance, attends Mugen Academy as a student named “Lulu Teluno”.

Telulu’s particular area of specialty is botany, and she mixes super-science and magic freely in her experimentation upon new and dangerous plant species. While the full extent of her research is unknown, she is clearly capable of crafting plants suitable for a variety of applications, ranging from extraction of heart crystals to direct combat. Telulu is not herself impotent in combat, her favoured attack being the “Mandragora Buster”, wherein she attempts to entangle foes in vines and drain out their energy. However, it is not her forte, and she prefers to allow proxies to fight for her rather than risking herself against particularly dangerous foes.

Telulu tends to think on a grander scale than a typical Sailor Moon villain, or indeed a typical villain in general. She prefers to strike all at once, hitting as many targets as necessary and accomplishing her goals in one fell swoop. While willing to invest the time to meticulously plan out and pull off her schemes, Telulu still believes that she is more intelligent and capable than anyone else, and does not take kindly to anyone, friend or foe, who interferes with her or delays her achieving a goal. She also has no tolerance for incompetence, and is willing to deal with anyone standing in her way with extreme prejudice. While she is undeniably brilliant and a sound tactician, Telulu, like many Sailor Moon villains, is too much of a braggart for her own good.

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