Terry Bogard

  • Gender: Male
  • Age: 19 (as of 1992)
  • Hair: Blond
  • Eyes: Blue
  • Nationality: American
  • From the game series King of Fighters, by SNK/Playmore
  • First Appearance: Chapter 15

When Terry was very young, he was orphaned by a man named Geese Howard. Geese killed Terry’s father in a fit of jealousy because he had been passed over as the principal student in the Hakkyokuseiken style of martial arts. This was all the more cruel, since Terry had been adopted from the street only a few years earlier. Terry and his adopted brother Andy decided to separate and learn everything they could about martial arts, so that one day they could avenge their father’s death. While Andy left Southtown to travel across the pacific in search of ancient styles, Terry elected to stay and learn what he could on the brutal streets of Southtown. He learned a lot. Southtown was a city where fighting was a way of life, and the corruption and strife that filled the city because of Geese’s control of the city made every day a brutal battle. Terry Bogard, however, not only survived in this atmosphere, but thrived.

Eventually his brother returned from overseas and the two entered the King of Fighters tournament. The tournament was a yearly event held by Geese as a way of identifying the greatest threats to his criminal empire and discreetly dealing with them. Aided by their friend Joe Higashi, the Bogard brothers fought their way through the tournament and all its corruption until finally Terry confronted Geese himself in his high rise office. Despite Geese’s superior power and experience, Terry overwhelmed him and with a single punch sent Geese flying out the window of his office and plummeting to his apparent doom.

Terry is a relatively easy-going man, despite his upbringing. When he’s not training he prefers to hang out, play video games and eat junk food. He fights with no particular motivation, but just for the enjoyment of the fight and the challenge of overcoming superior opponents. In fact, it was this enjoyment of the fight that allowed him to defeat Geese – even after everything that had been done to him, Terry felt no obligation to win, just to enjoy every moment of the battle.

Terry is obscenely powerful, and fights with skills honed in a million brawls. He can project blasts of energy, strike with amazing speed and power and is all-around an opponent most do not want to mess with. While still young, he is constantly improving and gains power and skill with each battle he particpates in. He makes up for any weaknesses in his technique with a genius for battle and a undying enthusiasm that makes him almost impossible to put down.

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