Touga Kiryuu

  • Gender: Male
  • Age: 17
  • Hair: Red
  • Eyes: Blue
  • Nationality: Japanese
  • From the anime series Revolutionary Girl Utena, property of Central Park Media.
  • First Appearance: Chapter 16

Touga Kiryuu has always lived a priviliged life. While it is unknown exactly where his family’s money comes from, it is clear that they enjoy an obscene amount of it. Touga grew up in the finest schools, studied with the finest tutors, wore only the finest clothes, and met only the finest people. Both Touga and his sister Nanami were adopted at a young age, although Nanami was too young to remember this, and Touga has never bothered to inform her.

Touga is arrogant, cruel, and power-hungry, traits he hides rather well. On the surface, he is calm, cultured and debonair, the very picture of the young millionaire playboy. His good looks, charm, wealth and social standing means he can have nearly any woman he wants; a fact he is well aware of and takes advantage of so frequently it is an open secret at the school. He always goes out of his way to appear to be a fine friend, a caring leader, and a doting older brother. This, however, is largely a facade. Touga Kiryuu cares primarily about one thing – himself. More to the point, Touga Kiryuu, wealthy and priviliged and powerful, craves the sort of power that does not come from mere beauty, charm, wealth and social standing.

It is not known precisely how Touga and Akio Ohtori met, but it is likely it happened when Touga was quite young. Akio, seeing something of a kindred spirit in Touga, took the boy under his wing, likely assisted in Touga’s elevation to Student Council President, and let Touga in on many of his plans regarding the duels, the Rose Bride, and the Power of Dios. Touga realises he is little but a pawn to Akio, but a pawn is something he is willing to be for the moment, in his quest to gain the sort of power Akio has.

Touga was the last of the student council members to partake in the round of duels that began with the arrival of Utena Tenjou to the school. While an accomplished fencer, he preferred to play mind games with the girl, weakening her resolve, and eventually defeating her by letting her own romantic notions about him disarm her at a critical moment. Touga’s triumph proved short-lived, however. Utena challenged the student council president to a rematch the next day, and despite Touga’s knowledge letting him use the Sword of Dios to accomplish blatently supernatural feats, its power fled him at a critical moment and he was defeated. This defeat, quite possibly the first reversal of fortune or dashed hope that Touga had ever experienced, sent him into a spiralling morass of self-doubt, and since then, he has avoided going to classes or in fact doing much of anything. Instead, he has merely sat in his living room, listening to a recording of himself saying the student council anthem over and over again.

Without the sword of Dios, Touga is an accomplished fencer and kendoist, as well as an expert at boxing and likely other hand to hand combat forms, but his ability is strictly within the realms of (extremely competent) humanity.

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