• Gender: Female
  • Age: 22 (as of 1992)
  • Hair: Brown
  • Eyes: Brown
  • Nationality: Unknown
  • From the game series King of Fighters, by SNK/Playmore
  • First Appearance: Chapter 17

Vice is one of two assassins that work for Goenitz, the Heavenly King of Orochi. She enjoys her job, and the many opportunities it presents for her to engage in her favorite pastime: killing things. She aided Goenitz when he wiped out the Clan of Yata, and eagerly looks forward to the day the Orochi will return to this world.

She worked for Goenitz loyally until the day a man called Rugal Bernstein tried to claim the Orochi power for himself. Goenitz found Rugal’s temerity amusing, and after taking Rugal’s eye, granted him a small portion of the Orochi’s power. Unfortunately for Rugal, the power would kill him if he ever unleashed it. Goenitz then ordered Vice and Mature to insinuate themselves into Rugal’s entourage, to keep an eye on him and monitor his use of the Orochi power. Vice’s true loyalty has always remained with the Orochi clan.

Vice is a psychopathic monster. Her favorite hobby is murder, and she is only ever calm when she is surrounded by the sight and scent of fresh blood. She enjoys stalking her prey, making it panic, and then killing it brutally. Her violent urges are only slightly mollified by her loyalty to the Orochi clan and her desire to enjoy the pain of her victims to the fullest extent possible. Vice is always in a state of constant passionate arousal, in one form or another. This is not always evident to the casual observer however, given her laid-back demeanor.

Vice is a powerful assassin. She can strike lethal blows with her hands, drawing blood with just the tips of her fingers. One of her favorite tactics is to use her long sleeves to bind and snare opponents, rendering them helpless while she pounds them about. She also has some talent at brainwashing, being so skilled at it she can make a father turn on his son. The process is long and difficult for her, and it is uncertain exactly what methods she employs, but it is presumably a not very plesant experience… for the victim.

Vice’s only other known hobby is collecting American comic books. It is unknown if she is a fan of Deadpool, but we’d like to think so.

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