Epsilon’s ImproParty Profile


Name: Aaron Peori Sex: Debateable Physical Age: 21   True Age: ? 
Also Goes By: Epsilon, Epsi (thou shalt NOT call me Epsi!)
Height: 5'8"        Weight: 130      Eyes: Evil   Hair: Dirty

Primary Goal(s):
- To serve the forces of darkness
- To be annoying (play it for humour folks)

Secondary Goal(s):
- To be elected Demon Prince of Apathy but doesn't really care if it    
  happens or not
- To critic everyones writing skills
- To get into pointless, endless, annoying debates
- To gamemaster at least one role-playing session during the party
- To improve his writing skills
- To become a published author
- To avoid being humiliated if one of his plans to annoy everyone in 
  the pary backfires (*hint*hint*)

- Four year running undefeated Punlord of rec.arts.anime.misc
- Card Carrying Hypocrite (tm)
- Ability to avoid gratituous bodily harm
- Design/playing/running role-playing games
- Antichrist in training 
- Sound intelligent in any situation
- Smiting those who call him Epsi with a wet rubber chicken
- Encylopedic knowledge of various manga/anime
- Evil
- Canadian Citizenship
- Is the last one redundant?

- Apathetic about most things other than likes/dislikes
- Evil
- Asthmatic
- Nobody likes him, they can sense his evil
- Hates FF8 for no good reason and will inform others of this
- Demonic Investment
- Card Carrying Hypocrite
- Inhuman evil
- Lack of any form of sexual drive
- Malicious
- Sense a pattern?

- Anime 
- Manga (esp Ranma 1/2 & Inu-Yasha)
- Video Games
- Writing
- Roleplaying
- Debates about any of the above
- Annoying others
- Being evil
- Organized Religon

- Final Fantasy 8 for no good reason
- Drugs of any form (Alcholol, Asparin etc.0
- Being called "Epsi"
- People who can't handle criticism
- Being good
- Dungeouns and Dragons
- Sex, Hentai and Sexuality
- The Ranma 1/2 Anime

At an early age Aaron sold his soul to the devil for the 
ability to sound intelligent in any situation. He went 
through life and did nothing at all of note until he met 
Blade, who corrupted his mind and filled it with dark 
thoughts of evil and destruction. (Or was that the other 
way around?)

Aaron has accomplished several things since he has met 
Chris that continue to amaze and inspire the people who 
are amazed and inspired by these kinds of things. Among 
these accomplishments are: Not going insane, finishing 
high school, having the libido of a rock and taking one 
year to write a single 40k fanfic. 

Aaron fervently denies any involvement in the Kennedy 

Fellow Authors, please ask me before you:
- Reduce my face to a bloody red mess
- Get me into a Pun War
- Play me Too Seriously

Fellow Authors, please do not:
- Get me romantically involved with anyone (well, unrequited love from  
  them would be okay but unlikely)
- Have me take drugs of any kind
- Kill me
- Sell me into white slavery in a Korean whorehouse
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