The Opera

<SNIP Everything>

Oh well, finally have the time to do this, so might as well
get it started before this thread devolves into obscurity...

All due apologies to...actually, all -blame- goes to Alan
Harnum.  We apologise to Mr. Wagner, however, whom we are
sure was a perfectly nice fellow.

Timeframe: Day before Return II.

Participants: A great deal of people, mostly they are just
showing up to make inane commentary with no real purpose
apparently so I'm not going to bother listing them all. ;p

(Scene: Let us drift back, way back to the begining of this
thread. Various people are walking into the Opera house to
get their seats. But in the back, in the dressing room of
the stars of this opera, there is villainy afoot...)

(Two women are getting into costume)

Women#1: This is opening night, I'm so excited!

Women#2: You'll get over it. (puts on her headpiece on)


Women#1: (turns towards the door) What?

Voice: Heh heh heh... you shall let us get close to our
targets... over...

Women#2: Oh great...


(In the audience Ryuu and Sumire sit on either side of
Tsubasa, who is looking uncomfortable.)

Ryuu: (thinking) [Now if I make that chandelier fall on
her...] <veg>

Tsubasa: It's starting!

(The curtain rises and the orchestra begins to play.)

(The scene is a valley, dark clouds cover the sky and
flashes of lighting dance in the background)

[A roll of thunder]

(From the right two men enter, these are a dressed in a
monk's robe and a dark suit of armor respectively)

o/~ The leitmotiv of HERO enters, for viola, Wagner tuba and
flute. ~/o

Monk: {Tenor} Good man, why have you called me here!

o/~ The leitmotiv for VILLAIN enters, for bassoon, french
horn and organ. ~/o

Knight: {Baritone} This is the time!

Monk: The time?

Knight: The time!

Monk: What time?

Knight: The time of peace!

o/~ The leitmotiv of PEACE enters, ripped straight out of
Peer Gynt, the leitmotivs of HERO and VILLAIN dim. ~/o

Monk: A day of peace, how can this be?

Knight: A day of peace twixt you and me!

Monk: But peace is gone, don't you see?!

Knight: Not yet gone, just very sleepy.

Monk: ...

Everyone in the audience: -_-

Monk: Can peace be done?

Knight: It can, it can!

Monk: Can peace be made?

Knight: It can, it can!

Monk: Can peace yet last?

Knight: It can, it can!

Monk: Then how?

Knight: By marriage of the families!

o/~ The leitmotiv for LOVE, for cello, recorder and tinkly
bell begins to play. o/~

Monk: A marriage... to your daughter...

Knight: And mine, to yours.

Monk: A marriage of the family...

Knight: To bind our peoples together!

Monk: A marriage! Most holy!

Knight: A marriage, to peace!

o/~ The leitmotiv for PEACE blares out, the leitmotiv for
LOVE dims... ~/o

Monk: Then bring forth our daughters!

(Two figures step forward from opposite sides of the stage,
the music stops for a second as the two women begin to walk
forward. They are dressed in elaborate Victorian dress.)

~/o The leitmotiv for LINK for triangle and flute and the
leitmotiv for PINK for trombone and saxaphone begins. The
leitmotiv for VILLAIN joins in. ~/o

Link: {mezzo-soprano} Oh... er... father father! Why do you
send me away? Over!

Pink: (mezzo-soprano, what you were expecting something else
;p} Oh father father! Why do you send me to him? Over!

(The two original actors seems highly confused, then Pink
swiftly kicks him in the shin and he starts to sing again.)

Knight: You must marry, for peace!

Pink: For peace, over?

Knight: For pe-ace!

o/~ The leitmotiv for PEACE swells to fabulous heights. ~/o

Pink: But I don't want to. Over.

o/~ The leitmotiv for PEACE collapses into a string of
random notes... ~/o 

Knight: ^^;;; But you must!

Pink: No I musn't! OVER!

Knight: Yes, you must!

Pink: No, I MUS-n't! OVER!

Link: I would rather not. Over.

Monk: Not you too!

Pink: I must... have vengeance! OVER!

o/~ On cue the leitmotiv for VENGEANCE, for string quartet,
trombone and harpsicord starts in... it's beginning to sound
unrehearsed... ~/o

(In the audience Ryuu is giving the stage a flat look)

Tsubasa: ^^;;; Oh boy, this is bad...

Sumire: There is something about this opera... something

Tsubasa: What's that?

Sumire: It's... it's... (eyes brighten) It's a new one! I've
never seen it before!

Tsubasa: (facefault)

Ryuu: (gets up) Excuse me, I have to go to the gentleman's
room. (Ryuu leaves)

(In the wings Ryuu watches the stage)

Ryuu: (thinking) [I can't let those two ruin my date with
Tsubasa! I must stop them!] (glow ominously) [So I'll tear
them apart and... wait...]

(We see a trademark Ryuu Kumon internal SD, this time of him
blasting apart the stage and then the audience hissing and
booing him and Tsubasa running away crying.)

Ryuu: [Then there is only one other option!]

(Ryuu runs around behind the curtain.)

(Meanwhile, the Opera continues...)

Pink: We must have vengeance, on those who wronged us, OVER!

Link: We must have justice, for deeds done. Over.

Monk: But you must get married...

Pink: Over your dead body, over!

(Suddenly a hand reaches out and grabs the Knight, who is
dragged off-stage in a flurry of movement. The music trails
about in confusion for a few seconds as the curtain flops
about while something struggles behind it... and then Ryuu
Kumon steps out of the side, dressed in the dark armor.)

o/~ The leitmotiv for RYUU KUMON, a heavy metal version of
the leitmotiv for VILLAIN, begins to mix with the leitmotiv
for VENGEANCE. ~/o

Ryuu: {Baritone} You silly girls! You are fools!

Pink: (gulp, musically) We are not fools! We wish vengance!

Ryuu: I will have peace!

o/~ The leitmotiv for PEACE trills, almost in a questioning
manner. ~/o

Ryuu: Even if I must beat you to a bloody pulp!

o/~ The leitmotiv for PEACE ends with a sudden, frightened
squawk. ~/o

Pink: You don't frighten us, over!

Link: Speak for yourself, over!

Ryuu: You shall do nothing!

Monk: ;_; But what of the marriage?

Ryuu: BAH!

Pink: BAH!

Link: Bah?

Ryuu and Pink: BAH! I shall not marry!

Ryuu: I shall find love in another way.

o/~ The leitmotiv for LOVE, redone in a heavy metal style,
starts in. ~/o

Monk: But how shall you find love, my friend?

Ryuu: I shall find love in the only way...

Pink & Link: (in great harmony) He shall find love and
forget about us! Over!

Ryuu: For I love...

Monk: Yes you love...

Pink: He does love. Over?
Link: Oh true love...

Ryuu: I love beating people up!

(The music stops suddenly...)

(In the orchestra pit the conductor is beginning to sob.)

Conductor: They're ruining my opera...

Orchestra member: Why not end the show?

Conductor: You fool! The show must go on!

o/~ The Orchestra begins to play again, a bizarre mix of the
leitmotiv's of PINK, RYUU KUMON and VENGEANCE. ~/o

Voice: (alto) But wait!

Monk: But wait?

Pink: Wait why? Over?

Link: Wait...

Pink and Link and Ryuu and Monk: Wa~it....

o/~ The leitmotiv for DRAMATIC ENTRANCE, obviously composed
on the spot for gong and timpani. ~/o

(A figure walks out onto a balcony that wasn't there a few
seconds ago. It is MIKO, dressed in an elaborate costume out
of the sixteenth century but still with the poofy ponytail.)

o/~ The leitmotiv for DRAMATIC ENTRANCE changes to the
leitmotiv for MIKO, a remix of the leitmotiv for LOVE on
electric keyboard and viola. ~/o

Miko: (the alto earlier) You can not do this Ryuu! For I...

o/~ The leitmotiv of RYUU KUMON takes on an even more
ominous tone, drowning out the leitmotiv for MIKO. ~/o

Ryuu: And why not?

Pink: Yes why not? Over?

Link: Why do you care? Over?

Monk: Why is this happening?

Miko: (to Ryuu) But I stop you for love...

Ryuu: For love...

o/~ Halfhearted leitmotiv for LOVE... ~/o

Pink: Bah! Love! Over!

Link: It isn't that bad, over.

Monk: (hopefully) Do you want to get married?

Link: (slaps Monk) We haven't even dated, over!

o/~ The leitmotiv for BEING SHOT DOWN enters for trumpet and
snare drum. ~/o

(In the audience Tsubasa is sobbing into his hands.)

Sumire: Wow, this is a great play! So realistic!

Tsubasa: (stands up) I have to stop this! (leaps onto stage)

(By the time Tsubasa has landed he has changed costume to a
queen's regal get-up.)

o/~ The leitmotiv for TSUBASA, for Ukelele, Tambourine and
Bag Pipes enters. ~/o

Tsubasa: {Soprano} This can not go on!

Pink: But it can! Until we have VENGEANCE! OVER!

o/~ Swell the leitmotiv for VENGEANCE! ~/o

Miko: No you shall not!

Ryuu: -I- shall.

Miko: You shall not either!

Ryuu: I shall not?

Pink: He shall not, I shall! Over!

Link: I'm with her, over.

Miko: Why am I not surprised over?

o/~ The leitmotiv for NOT BEING SURPRISED enters, it sounds
suspiciously like the leitmotiv for BEING SHOT DOWN... ~/o

(In the audience)

Kente: Wow, this is a lot better than I thought it would be!
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