Special Prereader Comments

A few comments about the first two chapters, either intentionally or otherwise,
have been quite funny, so in the spirit of Dave Harper, who I preread for awhile
ago, I've quoted a few of them here:


>   "Pantyhose, how DARE you attack your godfather so!"

Lurker: (in Happousai-imitating-Brando voice) You come into my home, fondle my
silky treasures, which I so generously let you touch, and now you betray me in
this manner. This I cannot allow.

-Robert Morrison (yes, the same guy who originally inspired this, for which we
should all give great thanks, ne? :)


>Happousai cared as little for his pupil's rage as he did for
>his godson's.  After all, there were panties on the line.

Robert: And also some in the dryer.


I guess what bothers me about that fight scene, and about Tarou in general, is
that he is so single-mindedly cold and vicious while pulping an obviously weaker
opponent.  I realize he's had a hard life of shame and public ridicule, and I do
know that there *is* a good, noble side to him, although he seems to bury it
most of the time.  Which is why I'm excited to read more of your fic, where it
appears we'll get a chance to see more of that good side, having not been
poisoned by a lifetime of torment.

Well... at least not the kind of torment he was used to in his other life. ^_^

-Krista Perry


>     "Look on the bright side, brother mine," said Panma,
>looking serious. "If they push the fiancee thing, at least now
>you know that one is well-built!"
>     Ranma's flush returned, in spades.  "She's average..." he
> mumbled.

 Robert: <singing> "She's actual size but she seems much
 bigger to me..."


>      "These are my daughters.  Kasumi, nineteen; Nabiki,
>seventeen, and Akane, sixteen.  Pick the one you want, and
>she'll be your new fiancee."

Straight to the point, isn't he? Why bother with a little thing such as a
gender-shifting son-in-law?

-Jorge Pratt


>      "So all we have to do is...arrange a few things to make
>sure they _really_ aren't enthusiastic about staying around.
>Nothing that can be traced to us directly, of course, but if we
>pull strings to make their lives hell for a week or two, I bet
>they go back to China no matter what ran them out or what the
>parents say."

Sorry to disappoint you, Nabiki, but that's pretty much what most of the series'
characters have been through... and if *that* didn't make them leave, nothing



>      Genma cleared his throat.  "Well...where to begin?"  Panma
>rolled his eyes and opened his mouth to say something, but
>swallowed it in surprise as Genma seized his arm and hurled him
>over his shoulder...straight towards the ornamental pond in the
>back yard.

Yay!  Can Panma also be the one to get bonked on the head and think he's really
a girl?  And stay that way?

-Scott Jamison, who is NOT Tarou's biggest fan, believe it or not...


>      Akane suddenly smiled, the first smile anyone had seen on
>her since she had found out that the two new guests weren't
>girls after all. "Well, oneechan," she said sweetly to Nabiki,
>"I guess that means you're the only one left."

Nabiki:  I suppose I should tell you now, I'm not really your sister. I just
wandered in one day and pretended I was always there, and being the gullible
saps you are, you all bought it.



>      "Then he'll probably toss Pop and us out, and we'll be on
>our way again like nothing ever happened?"

         Doomed lost souls forever wandering the Earth, never knowing love or
comfort...no wait, Ryouga already has a lock on that ecological niche.

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