All Encompassing (Element) Sense
Cost: 3m Type: Simple (Speed 5, DV-2)
Duration: One Scene
Keywords: Elemental
Mins: Awareness 2, Essence 2 Prereqs: (Any) Awareness Excellency

Through use of this, Charm the character gains an innate sense he can turn on or off with a few seconds concentration. The exact nature of this sense varies from Aspect to Aspect. Unless mentioned otherwise, the range of this Awareness is Essence x 50 yards. This Charm automatically foils attempts to re-establish surprise as long as it applies.

Air – The character can feel the subtlest shifts and distortions in the air. In this manner he can distinguish movement through an area. This allows him to negate penalties for poor vision (or blindness) in combat. However, this Charm has no effect on any subject which is not moving and thus makes a poor method for navigating in the dark, or for finding anyone that is standing still.

Earth – The character can sense the Earth through his feet and through that Earth anything connected to it. So long as both he and the object are touching the Earth, the character can sense it. He can discern objects from people and navigate in complete darkness (a useful ability underground) with ease. This Charm can even sense people in trees or in buildings, so long as there is an uninterrupted path between the Exalt and the target that passes through the Earth. This Charm has no effect on a ship on the water, nor can it sense objects suspended above the Earth. A jumping target that you can only sense through this Charm is treated as if seen through poor vision (-1 external penalty to all rolls).

Fire – The character can sense heat, including body heat. While this makes it hard to navigate without sight the character can fight most opponents blindfolded by sensing the shifts in their body heat as they fight. This works for almost all living beings, and even most magitech automaton (who tend to produce heat from their inner workings). It fails against creatures with no actual body heat (such as walking dead).

Water – This Charm works exactly like Earth except it works through the medium of water. Also, unlike Earth Sense, to sense an object it must be directly touching or submerged in water. So, using this Charm, one could sense a boat moving through the water but not how many crews were in it.

Wood – This Charm allows the character to sense plants and any plant products and discern between them. This includes most poisons, food, and it is rare to meet a person who does not have some plant based products on them… even if it’s the food digesting in their belly! Because this Charm rarely can detect people directly, the character suffers a -1 external penalty due to poor sensory acuity if forced to rely on it in combat. Creative and prepared opponents can make themselves effectively invisible if they work at it.

Zone of Awareness
Cost: None Type: Permanent
Duration: Permanent
Keywords: Anima
Mins: Awareness 5, Essence 3 Prereqs: Elemental Awareness

The Dragonblooded’s elemental awareness is refined to include his own anima and anything that interacts with it. This Charm allows the character to sense anything that interacts with his anima automatically; the range is determined by his anima banner. 1 yard or less at 1+ motes, 2 yards at 7+, and 5 yards at 11+ motes of peripheral Essence spent. The character can fight any opponent in this range without penalties for poor vision, and automatically becomes aware and able to respond to Unexpected Attacks that must travel through his anima to strike him.

Sudden Insight Epiphany
Cost: 5m Type: Reflexive
Duration: Indefinite
Keywords: None
Mins: Awareness 3, Essence 2 Prereqs: (Any) Awareness Excellency

The Dragonblooded does not just receive insight from his eyes and ears, but from his greater connection to the world as a whole. This Charm allows the character to supernaturally reinforce either an Awareness or Investigation specialty he has. As long as the motes remain committed, the character succeeds instantly on all valid rolls to sense things related to that particular specialty.

This Charm can only apply to rolls which have a binary answer. It specifically does not include Join Battle or Join Debate rolls. Examples of valid specialties include stuff like “Guilt” or “Arson” or “Demons”. If this Charm is ever evoked in a contest against a Charm that perfectly conceals something, this Charm always loses the roll off to detect things. The character must have the specialty before he can evoke this Charm.

Combat Intuition
Cost: 1m/tick Type: Reflexive
Duration: Instant
Keywords: Combo-OK
Mins: Awareness 4, Essence 2 Prereqs: Sudden Insight Epiphany

By use of this Charm, the Exalt will rarely be caught unprepared for a fight. This Charm can be evoked after making a Join Battle roll. If the character scored the highest value on the opposed roll, this Charm has no effect. If he acts one tick or later in the combat, he may spend 1m to subtract one tick from his moment of first action, to a minimum of acting on tick zero. So, if the character is forced to act on tick 6 due to a poor roll, he can spend 6m and act on tick zero instead.

This Charm can only be evoked if the character makes a Join Battle roll at the beginning of the combat, it has no effect if the character joins an existing fight or must make another Join Battle roll for some reason (such as after making a Cast Sorcery action).

Sense Sharing Meditation
Cost: 3m,1wp Type: Simple (Speed 5, DV -1)
Duration: One Scene
Keywords: Cooperative
Mins: Awareness 3, Essence 2 Prereqs: Sudden Insight Epiphany

The Exalt understands that all things in Creation come from and go to the same place, they are one. He can share this insight with others and in doing so share his experiences with them as well. The Exalt can use this Charm to share his senses with a number of allies equivalent to a Magnitude 1 mass combat unit. Everybody in the unit can see through the character’s eyes and hear through his ears. If the Exalt has (or activates) any more exotic senses such as Elemental Awareness all of the subjects gain the benefits. While the character must activate this Charm in the presence of his allies, he can leave the unit and scout ahead, instantly relaying information to his unit. In this way he can serve as a forward observer for certain siege weaponry. Subjects of this Charm who try to concentrate on two separate sensory inputs suffer a -2 internal penalty to all actions from the confusion. This explicitly does not include combat unless the Exalt moves far enough away from the group that his sensory input significantly differs from theirs (i.e., he is at least no longer able to see any of his allies). Outside of combat, this Charm lasts about one hour. This Charm ends immediately if the character enters an area shielded against magical scrying, such as a Private Plaza of Downcast Eyes.

Multiple Dragonblooded can cooperate when evoking this Charm, expanding the number of people affected to a maximum Magnitude equal to the total participants. All subjects gain all the Dragonblooded’s senses at the same time. However, creating confusing sensory impressions is even easier the more people are involved.

Sense Riding Technique
Cost: 5m,1wp Type: Simple (Speed 5, DV-1)
Duration: Indefinite
Keywords: Combo-Basic
Mins: Awareness 4, Essence 3 Prereqs: Sense Sharing Meditation

Instead of sharing his senses, the Dragonblooded can hijack another’s. To use this Charm, the character must know the exact location of his subject, either via a direct line of sight or via use of Spells such as Coin of Distant Vision. The character can also explicitly evoke this Charm on anyone he has tagged via use of Still Pond Reflection. The character rolls his Manipulation + Awareness, subtracting an External Penalty equal to the target’s permanent Essence. If successful the Dragonblooded sees and experiences everything the subject does, including physical sensations such as pleasure and pain. If the subject has enlightened Essence, he may roll Perception + Awareness, subtracting a penalty equal to the Dragonblooded’s Essence to become aware that someone is riding his senses. If he fails this roll he is unaware. Charms such as All Encompassing Sorcerer’s Sight always reveal the use of this Charm. This Charm ends immediately if either party enters an area warded against scrying, such as a Private Plaza of Downcast Eyes.

While sense-riding another, the Dragonblooded is utterly unaware of his surroundings and must sit in quiet mediation. If injured or forced to take any action, the effect of this Charm ends. This meditation is similar to the focus needed to Shape Sorcery and should be treated similarly.

Sense Destroying Attack
Cost: 3m Type: Simple (Speed 7)
Duration: Instant
Keywords: Crippling, Combo-Basic
Mins: Awareness 5, Essence 3 Prereqs: Sense Riding Technique

This Charm may only be used on a subject you are currently using Sense Riding Technique on. At any time, the character can focus and make a Manipulation + Awareness roll, applying the target’s (Perception + Resistance + Essence)/2 as an external penalty. If successful, this Charm nullifies one of the subject’s senses, either vision or smell and taste or hearing & touch. The Exalt picks one to apply each time this Charm is applied and may nullify all three senses by successive uses of the Charm.

Against mortals, this Charm’s effects are permanent. Against Exalts and other beings that heal like Exalts the effects last one day.

Essence Disrupting Attack
Cost: 6m,1wp Type: Simple (Speed 7)
Duration: Instant
Keywords: Crippling, Combo-Basic
Mins: Awareness 5, Essence 4 Prereqs: Sense Destroying Attack

This Charm may only be used on a subject you are currently using Sense Riding Technique on. Like Sense Destroying Attack, the Exalt rolls Manipulation + Awareness versus a DV equal to the subject’s (Perception + Resistance + Essence)/2. However, if successful this Charm disrupts the subject’s very ability to use Essence. For every threshold success, the opponent’s ability to channel Essence is disrupted for one tick (i.e. if you roll three successes the opponent can’t spend motes for 3 ticks). This Charm has no effect on activated Charms, committed artifacts or hearthstones, only affects that cost at least 1m or more to effect.

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