Agito Makashima

  • Gender: Male
  • Age: 16
  • Hair: Black
  • Eyes: Black
  • Nationality: Japanese
  • From the manga Biobooster Armor Guyver, by Yoshiki Takaya
  • First Appearance: Chapter 13

When Agito was still very young, his father’s business was aggressively taken over by Genzo Makashima, a mid-level executive in Chronos’ Japan branch. As part of paying off his debt to Genzo, Agito’s father gave the boy to the childless executive, and died shortly thereafter. Agito was raised to be a loyal, efficent, and effective agent of Chronos, expections he seemingly rose to fulfill with aplomb.

Unfortunately for Chronos, Agito harboured a secret, seething hatred towards the corporation, and particularly his adopted father, and has been secretly working for years to undermine their operations. When the Guyver units were discovered, Agito saw an opportunity. He tricked a prototype zoanoid into stealing the units and escaping, promising to save the pathetic creature’s life and humanity, despite his actual inability to do either. The zoanoid, not quite as foolish as Agito had believed, realised he had been betrayed when a Chronos team caught up with him in the woods near a high school. He then detonated an explosive device he had smuggled out, killing himself but also scattering the three units over the area. Agito, who had been observing thealtercation, retrieved one of the undamaged units, becoming the so-called “third Guyver”, though in fact he had bonded with his unit before either of the other two human hosts had found their own.

Afterwards, he used his new power to step up his operations against the global cabal. Particularly pleasing to him was his ability to undermine Genzo Makashima’s attempts to capture Guyver I, until eventually the zoalord Gyro grew tired of his failures and relieved him of his position. Subsequently Genzo was turned into Enzyme, a Guyver-killing prototype zoanoid who was doomed to die after a week regardless of whether he won or lost the ensuing battle with Guyver I. As it turned out, he did win (thugh the power of the Guyver unit allowed Guyver I to regenerate even from apparent death), but died in the aftermath anyway, much to Agito’s satisfaction.

While Agito is undoubtedly intelligent, competent, and courageous, he is by no stretch of the imagination a nice guy. He views other people as pawns in his eternal battle with Chronos, and what he intends to do once he has triumphed is a secret he does not share with any of his “friends”. Agito is cold, calculating, and ruthless. While no coward, he is not above running away if he feels the situation is hopeless, or sacrificing an ally to ensure his own safety. That being said, he is not entirely a monster. He doesn’t enjoy inflicting pain and suffering for their own sakes, and seems to have somewhat of a soft spot for Onuma, his true father’s former groundskeeper, and Shizu, Onuma’s daughter. He has been sheltering the two from Chronos for years, as well as using their household (a well-hidden cottage near Mount Minakami) as a base of operations for clandestine strikes against Chronos.

In his human form, Agito is athletic, but otherwise nothing special. As Guyver III, however, he is a killing machine, almost literally. He has studied every aspect of the bioboosting armor, and can use virtually all its capabilities with high proficiency. These include superhuman strength, ability, speed and stamina, as well as a variety of built-in weaponry, and the ability to eventually regenerate from virtually any damage that does not destroy the control medal upon his forehead. His weapons include arm-mounted hyper-vibrating blades that can cut through nearly anything other than a similar blade or incredibly dense materials, the ability to produce lethal high-frequency sounds over a wide area, a laser that can be fired from his forehead, and an orb at his waist that has gravitational manipulation capabilities. This allows him limited flight, as well as being able to be used offensively, by producing an extremely high-pressure projectile. His most devastating weapon, however, is the “megasmasher”, a pair of particle cannons hidden under his chestplates that can easily devastate virtually anything in their path up to several kilometers in range. As well as being skilled with the usage of all these capabilities, Agito never holds back. At all. In addition, he is a tactical genius, capable of coming up with clever, innovative strategies that can turn around combats that are seemingly going against him.

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