• Gender: Male
  • Age: 561, as of 1992. Trust us.
  • Hair: Black
  • Eyes: Red
  • Nationality: Probably Wallachian. Call it a hunch.
  • From the manga Hellsing, by Kouta Hirano
  • First Appearance: Chapter 11

Ten years ago, a very young Integra Hellsing was under orders to be assasinated by her uncle, who wished to take over the Hellsing organisation after Integra’s father’s death. Integra managed to evade her pursuers for a time, and found herself in a hidden dungeon, wherein lay what appeared to be a dessicated corpse. When she was found and then shot by her uncle, her blood fell onto the body, which revived the creature, who proceeded to slay the uncle and everyone else there save the injured little girl, whom he called “Master”.

Over the next ten years, Integra used this creature, who called himself “Alucard”, as her secret weapon in the Hellsing family’s eternal war against vampires, ghouls, and the other things that go bump in the night and threaten England, or the Church of England. Alucard does this with a sort of gleeful intensity, though occasionally he admits boredom with the lack of quality opposition.

Alucard is a vicious, psychotic, murderous monster, traits he would happily admit to and encourages in others. He is not without a certain sense of honour and style, and he is extremely loyal, though for unknown reasons, to his master Integra. He is also incredibly powerful. He can regenerate from virtually any amount of damage, including dismemberment and the sorts of attacks that traditionally kill vampires like himself. He can transform his shape into horrible, cthuloid monstrosities formed of bats and dogs and eyes and teeth and a terrible, all-encompassing darkness. He is also inhumanly fast, strong, tough, has enhanced senses, skill with firearms and hand to hand, the ability to control weak minds, and several hundred years of experience. In short, he is all but invincible, a fact he is quite aware of.

Alucard, spelt backwards, is another name many people are familiar with, which refers to a historical figure many people are also familiar with. It is unlikely any of this is coincidental.

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