Anthy Himemiya

  • Gender: Female
  • Age: Unknown
  • Hair: Violet
  • Eyes: Green
  • Nationality: Unknown
  • From the anime series Revolutionary Girl Utena, property of Central Park Media.
  • First Appearance: Chapter 16

Anthy holds the dubious distinction of being solely responsible for the fall of God. There are conflicting stories, depending on who one asks, as to how, or why, or when this was accomplished. But it was, and that fact is indisputable. And for the great sin of taking God away from the people of the world, she was punished with eternal torment, eternal torment that has so far proven as good as its name, for even today Anthy still suffers constantly for what she did in the past.

Whatever her past personality was like, an eternity of torture has twisted it considerably. Anthy does not particularly hope for release, because she has long ago given up all hope. Instead, she contents herself with her seething hatred towards the mass of humanity that did this to her, and by inflicting petty little torments on whatever unlucky people find themselves on her bad side. Her current favourite plaything is Nanami Kiryuu. Still, it is worth noting that Anthy is more hopeless, resigned and bitter than actually malevolent or evil. Even when she torments people like Nanami, they generally provoke her first.

For the most part, Anthy keeps her true personality well-hidden behind a bland, accomodating, cheerful personality. The only person allowed to see her true face is her brother, Akio, the former God. He is her lover and one true companion, although even this relationship by now is more out of habit and shared hatred than true affection.

In service to Akio, Anthy has adopted the identity of the Rose Bride, the apparent key to the Power of Dios – that is, Akio’s lost abilities. Akio believes that if he can forge a hero strong enough, noble enough, pure enough, he can use their spirit to shatter the Rose Gate that seals off his former might and regain the glory that once was his. Whether Anthy actually believes this plan could work – it has been tried and failed many times – is irrelevent: she does what she’s told, because she has no reason not to. In pursuit of this goal, Akio and Anthy have gathered together a collection of aspiring young heroes, in the Greek sense of the term. The young people duel for the hand of the Rose Bride and the power of miracles she promises, all under the rituals and trappings that have been carefully prepared for them. For the moment, the champion of the duels and Akio’s favourite is the young girl Utena Tenjou. Anthy herself acted completely subservient to Utena, and tried to provide her with the reactions she desired, never revealing the truth of herself. As time passed, however, Anthy found herself growing somewhat attached to Utena, and the latter’s earnest efforts to become true friends with her. This has not really caused Anthy to break away from her brother, however… and may well be part of Akio’s plan.

Anthy is a witch. She has undefined supernatural abilities, which include the ability to project illusions of such substance that they are essentially indistinguishable from the real thing, appear in more than one place (and appearance) at the same time, and influence the minds of other people, including being able to send them dreams, or force them to believe things that are not real. As well, she may draw out a person’s Sword… a manifestation of their inner spirit. She can do all this with as little or as much ritual as she pleases, apparently, and the full extent of her power is unknown. In addition, she is most likely immortal, and certainly has not aged in a long time.

Aside from Akio and Utena, Anthy’s only companion is her familiar, Chu-Chu, a tiny creature with characteristics of both a monkey and a mouse. His origin, abilities, intelligence, and true nature are all essentially unknown. He does appear playful, and certainly smarter than any animal, and is sensitive to the moods and needs of his mistress.

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