Koume Sawaguchi

  • Gender: Female
  • Age: ???
  • Hair: Orange
  • Eyes: Blue
  • Nationality: Japanese
  • From the anime series Blue Seed, property of AD Vision and Yuzo Takada
  • First Appearance: Chapter 8

A former member of the Japanese Self-Defence Force, Koume earned her nickname “the Hurricane” by… well, being an impulsive, insubordinate, hot-tempered, violent, trigger-happy borderline psychotic with a fetish for firearms of all sorts, the bigger the better. All of these traits undoubtedly helped her commander reach the decision to make a hasty transfer of the soldier to the Terrestrial Administration Centre, something which Koume deeply resented. However, she was mollified a bit when she found out that in her new job she got to fight monsters, shoot guns, and blow things up, even if she doesn’t get to do these things nearly as much as she likes.

Koume is not quite stupid, not quite without the ability to think ahead, not quite without a softer side, and not quite a shallow warmonger, but she rarely lets any of this on. She is very superstitious, makes donations and gets her fortune told at shrines, and frequently attributes the various messes she gets into to “bad luck”, even though they quite often are her own fault. She’s confident, bordering on arrogant, of her ability to take on any foe, but her abilities back her up. She’s competent at all sorts of firearms (though her accuracy is only middlingly good), expert at close-range combat, and near normal human limits of ability in strength, speed and toughness… though this often still leaves her outclassed against the monstrous aragami.

Koume is fanatically protective of her guns, and gets quite upset if anyone else touches them, which led to her and Momiji getting off to quite a bad start.

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